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How Many Times Were QR Codes Used In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?



Before we begin, it’s important to say that this was written in Q3 2022, and QR code uses in the Marvel Cinematic Universe surely wouldn’t stop here.

But with all the Easter Eggs they’ve planted so far, it’s definitely worth asking: just how many times were QR codes used in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

And more importantly, did you miss any of them?

There’s only one way to find out.

QR codes have long been used to promote movies or TV series in unconventional yet effective ways.

Since it’s been popularized and widely used during the pandemic, various entertainment companies and television productions have been inserting these two-dimensional codes to add more hype to their promotions.

Thanks to a reliable QR code generator online, film and TV producers can now insert customized QR codes that will stand out on the screen, even when they’ve been placed in the background obscurely.

And as for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, here’s how they’ve used QR codes so far.

How the Marvel Cinematic Universe uses QR codes

Easter Eggs

When providing easter eggs for avid fans and viewers, Marvel goes the extra mile to insert them in the series or movie.

It’s one way for them to add in more story details, which can either be a file or a BTS clip.

If you want some context on what easter eggs the Marvel producers tuck away in the frame, you can go to Disney Plus and watch the two Marvel series Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel.

It takes a keen eye, but Moon Knight shows the QR code in its first, second, fifth, and sixth episodes.

As for the Ms. Marvel series, the QR codes are shown in its pilot, second, and fourth episodes. The series is still ongoing, and maybe in its new episodes, you can still catch more QR codes hidden in plain sight.

Movie or Series Promotions

Have you scanned a video QR code placed in train stations or at the theaters, and it sends you to the movie’s official trailer?

Well, Marvel also dives in to promote the movies and series they make for the viewers. One notable example for the film category is Iron Man 2’s poster, where the QR code is placed in Tony Stark’s arc reactor.

The QR code, when scanned, redirects to a landing page where the scanner can have the option to view images of the film, read the synopsis, book a ticket at the nearest theater and lastly, watch the movie trailer.

For the series category, the trailer of She-Hulk sports a QR code on the prisoner Emil Blonsky wears when Jennifer Walters, AKA She-Hulk, approaches him in one of the trailer clips.

Redirect to free readable comics

Marvel started its feat as a superhero comic franchise created by Stan Lee and became a pop culture icon for millions of comic lovers worldwide.

While most of the comics are now adapted into films and series, the studio that created the Phase 4 Marvel series acknowledged the new generation Marvel fans by giving them free comic books.

Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel did this as part of their in-series easter eggs for viewers, and to surprise them with a nostalgic gift for both old and new comic book lovers.

Have you collected and downloaded all Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel freebies? You can share them with your fellow Marvel fanatics via custom QR codes using a QR code software online.

Anti-movie spoiler campaigns

Since the 11-year Avengers franchise ended with the Avengers: Endgame movie, the franchise fans kept their promise of not spoiling the film with the use of QR codes.

So as not to spoil the essential parts of the movie, Twitter fans posted QR codes to store the lines, which, when scanned, can change the language.

The movie producers showed appreciation for the fans’ efforts and applauded them for their creativity in their promotion against spoilers.


The Marvel Cinematic Universe and their fans used QR codes ten times in the last few years.

This only shows how QR codes are making significant changes in the movie and TV industry, and how it’s being used as more than just a contactless solution.

It’s also an effective promotional campaign, and is only up to the advertisers on how to use QR codes well.