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How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Zillow Clone App?


Apps or applications are now one of the most popular content consumers use these days, whether it’s to optimize their work schedule, do some yoga, or simply to entertain themselves through music, games, puzzles, or daily activities. The list is endless when it comes to the content, there are so many types of apps that are hand-tailored for their target audience too. It is hard to keep track of how many categories apps have been introduced under. Ever since smartphones have been online and almost as easily available due to discounts, sales and events, this, alongside cheaper but better brands making their own platforms on e-commerce websites.

Users can now easily get a smartphone with a few decent saving rituals, most of their prices can be compared and their pros and cons can be weighed out, much likely because of budding software and phone companies. For example, cheap yet sustainable mobile phones can be found online, most of their features are commonly suitable for android users. There are so many options when it comes to mobile devices, customers can easily find the one they like the most through customer reviews and q&a forums. Retail stores online have also done their part in optimizing web pages to display the products in a clean-cut manner.

Speaking of apps, we see that there is an extensive line of clone apps coming out to imitate popular apps such as in the area of social networking —Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on. There are other areas such as real estate that follow the same ritual of cloning the most popular apps. This is mostly initiated by entrepreneurs to cut startup costs and work with a limited number of developers. The cloning requires a clone script or similar coding procedures to enable the end result.

What Is a Zillow Clone App?

In the real estate industry, the demand in the market is growing and to reach these needs along with the fast-paced digital lifestyle of customers we have the app industry coming in to create a faster, more well-informed source of data available for people anywhere they go. Yes, I’m talking about apps! Now that there are more ways to develop and design an app, real estate is not far behind making contacts with clients from all over the world. Many real estate business owners have transcended their offline business to the online platform, where customers can easily reach out for contact and find information about the company without any distractions. The customers can easily find out their schedule, meeting, and contact easily with the Zillow App. This app is widely familiar in the American real estate market. It is currently used by many people, it is important to keep in mind what are the important features seen in Zillow that make it such a popular app.

A good real estate app has to mention all the important activities that occur until the client can find their dream house, along with suitable real estate agents also involved in the app makes it a wonderful experience.

The Cost to Develop Zillow Clone App

First thing’s first, the business model of the Zillow app, it’s the best place to start working on your own real estate app like Zillow. To build an app for real estate it needs to be cut from the same cloth as the theme. You will need to hire a team led by a project manager, to initiate the process. The target audience here is the people seeking new homes, and it is understandably a big decision to buy a new home. To cater to the needs and answer questions raised by clients it is only appropriate to establish a system of communication between clients and the agents.

Usually, in offline real estate purchases, the client reaches out to the real estate company and fills in their information details for further preparations and scheduling. Accordingly, real estate agents, brokers, and contractors deal with a project while performing their roles in finding the right place that suits the client’s preferences—location, neighborhood, price range, type of living spaces, past owner history, and so on.

While on the digital platform, you will need to find a mobile app development company that includes the same features as Zillow did. All are equipped with front-end and back-end developers, app interface designers, QA engineers, and so on. This all can be done with the right budgeting, so read more about developing a Zillow clone app. The cost of developing an app like Zillow is the first step to making a concept design of your app. Make sure you know how much the average developer puts their prices up, whether it is on an hourly basis or full-fledged contract employment—this depends on the time of production and development, the place where the project takes place.

How do Real Estate Apps Like Zillow Work?

Apps like Zillow work as any other real estate company does but the way of establishing client relations and contact is slightly different in terms of the medium. It also lowers the expenses of finding a real estate agent. The app developers should be well-versed with IOS and android devices so as to optimize the app for a bigger client base. This also makes for an easier accustomed way of dealing with new apps for users. The apps in the mobile app stores have their own style of optimization and can be easily spotted by experienced users.

Some Basic Features That Affect The Cost

Here, you can read more about to develop Zillow clone app and the key features of making it work as a real estate app,

  •   Advanced Search Functionality
  •   The core Database
  •   Mortgage extensions
  •   Graphic List appearance Details
  •   Increase in Save Search for Retaining Users

These features are a must-have while making real estate apps, they cover up the basic needs a client may require during emergencies.

Some Advance Features That Affect The Cost

Here are some of the features which reflect apps like Zillow,

  •   Creating an application concept that fits the theme and functions of a real estate company-specific for business brands
  •   After all, it is an app. Work on improving  the user experience and interface for long-lasting users of the app
  •   Fully optimize the registration page and the load speed to complete the profile formation.
  •   Be sure to have an integrated search filter to narrow down the preferences of the client. Include a list of real estate agents of the company as a list of profiles and mention a brief on their professional profile
  •   Simple features such as push notification buttons should be made visible and the messaging system should also be optimized.


In order to accomplish all the above features, you will need to choose the right mobile app development company. So, make a list of potential companies who have experience with real estate apps, look into their reviews and the end result. Check out the apps they have produced along with the ratings given in the play store to see the pros and cons of the apps developed by them. Doing your research is important before starting any project.