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How Much Does the Leak Hunting Service Cost?


How Much Does the Leak Hunting Service Cost?

To Know How Much the Leak Hunting Costs Just get in touch and when we understand your problem better we will inform you the price of the leak hunting.

Leak hunting price starts at $ 150.00.

However, it is not enough to know How Much Leakage Hunting Costs, it is also important to hire a trustworthy company, so count on Martec.

Our intention is always to bring to our customers the best service in water leak hunting, that is, better service and a fairer price. Therefore, we are in constant training and always looking for the most modern equipment to locate water leaks.

In order to reach the customer and serve him with politeness, speed and professionalism, we work with our own teams, the best technicians and attendants, call and feel the difference already on the call.

We always work with the purpose of solving the water leak hunting as soon as possible. Because the damage caused by a water leak can be great, both providing a high water bill, as structural problems in the property.

So call right now, after all we work with 24-hour leak hunting, serving urgent and emergency services.

How it’s Done and How Much Does Leak Hunting Cost

Many people when they need a leak hunt sometimes are left wondering how much the leak hunt costs. Don’t worry, we are here to help, and above all, solve your problem. The price of a leak hunting starts at $ 150.00 call explain your problem and we will give you the exact price.

First call and see what the price for leak hunting, as we pass the price over the phone and if you agree we will schedule your service. And you will never be surprised to know how much leak hunting costs, that is, we work honestly and with total transparency. For Faucet Repairing check the tips

Agreeing the leak hunting price of our company we will then send the technician on the scheduled date to the site, already prepared to make the water leak location. Rest assured, if your water bill is high or has a leak, and you don’t know where the leak is, we will certainly find it for you.

As arranged over the phone, the technician goes to the site to locate the leak, starting a search for visible locations. The places we consider visible are, for example, faucets, exposed pipes, toilets and water tanks.

If the problem is found, we will indicate the location and offer the repair, otherwise we will start the second part of the search. Therefore, the technician had already managed to decide what would be the best equipment to locate his leak and thus start the underground tracking.

Leak repair and Technical Report

As soon as the water leak is located, our professionals are ready to carry out the repair. We will then show the value to repair the leak, if accepted we will start immediately, if you do not accept it, no problem, we will indicate the location and the customer can do it on their own without any problems and pay only for the location, no surprises at the end .

Choosing to do the repair with us will result in a professional plumber service, performed with care and quality. This way, only a very small hole will be made, enough to repair the pipe in the exact place.

Doing the Water Leakage Hunt and repair with our company, you will receive a technical report proving that there was a leak and it was fixed, so you can take it to the water distributor in your region and ask for a rebate on your account that came high.

Used Equipments:

Let’s see below what equipment the leak fighter uses, how to locate water leaks, so that you don’t have any doubts when hiring us.


The geo phone device works with the purpose of locating pressurized water leaks. It works with the sound the leak emits and for sure our technicians are well trained to use it. That way you don’t need to break anything to locate the leak.

Video Inspection: the video inspection device works with the purpose of locating sewage and rainwater pipes. It is an armored camera that prevents the entry of water, and with front LEDs that internally illuminate the pipes, making it possible to see the problem. So if your problem is a sewage leak, we find the sewage leak without breaking anything. For Jaguar Faucet

Thermal Imager: the thermal imager device, despite not locating the leak, is of paramount importance in helping to locate water infiltration. The thermal imager shows areas with the highest concentration of moisture even if it is not possible to see with the naked eye. So it tells us where to look, especially when it comes to water infiltration problems.