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How One Can Apply For Hurricane Damage Claim?

Hurricane Damage Claim

As a Hurricane Recovery expert I have had many opportunities to work and assist with a Hurricane Damage Claim South Florida. Most of the time my role was to ensure that our insurance company understood the claim and provided the required documentation and insurance adjuster forms. Then the insurance company would begin the process of repairing or replacing whatever was damaged by the storm. Typically, this would include torn roofing, damaged insulation, electrical wiring, mold remediation, carpet cleaning and removal of carpets, etc.

Understand the process of filing claim

The process of a claim is quite often very time consuming for the claimant. This is because the claimant must first acquire all the necessary information, documentation and insurance forms from the insurance company. Once the claimant has this information and documentation in hand, they must then submit it to their insurance adjuster and begin the process of filing a claim.

If the damage resulted from a minor storm, the insurance company may not need you to file a claim. Generally when you experience a storm of category 3 or greater, you will need to make a claim. Most of the time the damage caused to your home will require inspection and remediation by a licensed restoration contractor. The contractor will review the insurance company’s estimate and take it upon themselves to begin the repairs. Sometimes the homeowner does not want the work to be done by someone else and this can be resolved however if you wish to pursue this yourself you should follow certain guidelines.

Why keeping a record of every paperwork is important?

When you do file a claim, you should keep a record of every piece of paperwork supplied to you by your insurance company. Keep a log of all phone calls made, and any progress made on the claim. Make notes of dates and times of each visit by your insurance company adjuster. In addition to keep track of copies of any photos and any additional documentation such as inspection reports and loss estimates.

When you have a claim to make and there are questions left unanswered by the insurance adjuster, you should send a letter to the Insurance Company and the Insurance Adjuster’s office. In the letter you should include any additional information that was not previously provided such as pictures of damage. You should also ask for a final investigation into the damage. After the investigation is completed, you will know if you qualify for financial assistance from your insurance company.

Before you apply for financial assistance you should talk with your insurance agent. If possible, it would be a good idea to take photographs of your home prior to the hurricane. This will help in the claim process.

How long will it take to get the claim?

Once you have filed a claim with your insurance company, it will generally take four to six weeks for the insurance company to pay for the damage to your home. In most cases, you will be able to return to your home shortly after the hurricane ends. Your insurance company will want you to start repairing and replacing whatever damaged items you removed. Once you have started your repairs, they will notify you when all is done. In most cases, you will be able to get your home back on the market as soon as the insurance company approves.

When filing a claim for a home in South Florida hurricane season, keep in mind that you must follow all procedures laid out by your insurance policy. This means that if you have a flood, you must get flood insurance quotes immediately after the hurricane. After you file your claim with your insurance carrier, they will conduct an investigation and will determine the amount of your claim. At this point your claim will be closed and you will be reimbursed for any damaged items you had removed from your home before the hurricane. Make sure you have everything in order before your next trip up the slippery slope. One can easily contact firms like nostressclaims.com to apply for any damage claim in South Florida.