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How Open Captioning Services Can Increase Your Profit?


In this present scenario, MNCs are dramatically focusing on video creation in the case of attracting and engaging worldwide audiences. The reason is half a billion people prefer watching videos on numerous social media platforms every day and a third of all online activity is spent watching videos.

To enhance a production video’s popularity worldwide, Add captions!

Below are certain reasons how effective open captioning services are important in the performance of your video overall and even how videos contribute to attracting your target audiences.


One of the biggest motives is adding captions to your production video is to it helps boost engagement metrics across the board. Let’s go through some stats:

  • As per Facebook, a captioned video can increase view chances by 12%.
  • According to recent research, 40% increase in views of captioned videos instead of uncaptioned videos.
  • Approximately 85% of videos are enjoyed on mute mode on Facebook.


Do you want another proof of how caption can increase your business profit? Then, I’m sure you’ll not want to miss any accessibility opportunity with your client. Yes, the caption may access your clients through videos.

There are 430 million adults and 34 million children around the world who are deaf or hard of hearing and captions are a great way to be familiar with what’s going on in a video understand what’s happening.

Instead of only captioning in English, add captions in several languages so your video will have great accessibility in every part of the world.


The final words, Search engines especially Google loves captioned videos.

Once you transcribed the video and uploaded it in your video transcription, search engines can crawl that and rank your video higher as you’re offering text like any other.

However, the open captions strategy is different and they offer a readable text file so Google’s spiders may crawl easily and also help align your video with your keyword strategy.