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How smart homes get hacked? Smart Home Vulnerabilities Explained!

how smart home gets hacked

Smart homes need constant connection with the internet to work properly. It uses IoT technology to interconnect with different devices. Every device that is connected with the internet is prone to hacking. The hacker recognizes vulnerabilities in a system to attack a device. This device can be a smartphone or the smart TV system if it is unprotected.

Let us see some vulnerabilities in the smart home system:

1. Weak Passwords

Using weak passwords are a common issue related to security. The usage of weak passwords will be exploited by cyber criminals. You have to make sure that you are using strong passwords for all you devices. An ideal strong password should include letters, numbers, symbols and special characters. You should not set commonly used names as passwords. Also, it should contain atleast 16 characters.

Don’t write down passwords on paper or any other places that is visible. Keep unique passwords for each devices.

2. Open Wi-Fi networks

If you are connecting to open Wi-Fi networks, there are high chances that you will get hacked. Most of the open Wi-Fi networks might have a weak encryption algorithm. Hackers will also use these to implant malwares in your system.

The devices in a smart home system are always interconnected and are sending data most of the times. These data can be used by hackers using attacks like MITM (Man-In-the-Middle).

3. Outdated IoT devices

It is very important to update the devices regularly. Most updates comes with security fixes and improvements. Outdates devices will be vulnerable to getting attacked by a hacker. Always ensure you get the most updated software installed on your devices.

4. Poor Physical Security

Another reason why your smart home might get attacked by a hacker is the lack of physical security. It is not always the case of an online attack. Exposed devices are prone to get hacked by attackers if not carefully installed and protected. Systems like CCTV cameras are viable to such risks. To ensure this you have to maintain a good level of physical security.

how smarthomes get hacked
Image Resource: Kaspersky

How to protect smart home from hackers?

The first and simple step to protect your devices from hackers is to use highly secure passwords. Make sure you use unique password for each devices and you change it now and then. Another crucial step is to install a secure Wi-Fi network. These networks must be properly setup with virus protection and attack prevention software. Don’t forget to register your device with manufactures and keep your devices updated. You can keep check the vulnerabilities in these devices to understand what needs to be improved and what not.

Finally you can connect with professional smart home system providers. These professionals will help you to install the devices properly and upgrade it with additional security options.