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How the Supersage Clone Script acts as a gateway for achieving greater growth

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Multi-level marketing platforms have always attracted a lot of investors due to their innate potential to generate higher returns in a quick time. While Ethereum was dominating the crypto industry with its robust blockchain network, TRON has upped its game by introducing the Supersage Smart contract MLM that functions in a 100% decentralized manner without any admin control. 

Till now, the Supersage MLM platform has 49,244 registered participants. A whopping 112,745,250 members have earned hefty returns in Tronix (TRX) and 281,8631 participants have earned their returns in US Dollars. 

It has a balance of 30900.70 TRX (1659,366 USD) and has executed 112,145 transactions so far since its launch on July 30, 2020. 

What is the meaning of the Supersage Clone Script?It is a readily-deployable and customized MLM platform that operates on the TRON blockchain network. Entrepreneurs can earn huge revenue by implementing different matrix schemes. 

The core characteristics of the Supersage Smart Contract MLM Clone are

  • Risk-free operations – All the trading activities can be done by the users without worrying about any operational or technical risks. This boosts their investment confidence in cryptocurrencies.
  • Complete immutability – Tamper-proof storage of users’ data is facilitated and no one can manipulate or change it anytime. The smart contracts issue alerts if any malicious activity takes place on the Supersage clone script.
  • Peer-to-peer transfer of funds – Quick settlement of money is ensured between the users as there are no intermediaries to take a commission-cut from peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. The earnings are transferred directly to secure digital wallets like the TRON wallet and the Trust wallet.
  • A different organizational structure – Users of the Supersage smart contract MLM clone will be captivated by the non-hierarchical structure being followed. Full-fledged decentralization ensures that all the powers and rights remain in the hands of the users always. 
  • Support for the implementation of crowdfunding campaigns – Extensive support is given for the hassle-free execution of decentralized crowdfunding campaigns. The matrix schemes are highly flexible to accommodate any new changes and achieve the fundraising targets successfully. 
  • Storage of transaction history – Users can view their previous payment details maintained securely on the TRON blockchain. A user can also access the transaction history of other partners in the matrix network through the distributed network infrastructure. 

What is the role of the S3 and S4 matrix?

  • The initial registration fee of 500 TRX ($26.84) paid by the users registering on the Supersage clone platform is divided into 250 TRX each between the two matrix schemes, 1-S3 (3×1) and 1-S4 (2×2).
  • The S3 matrix contains 14 levels and 3 slots have to be filled by the existing users when they make referrals to new users. 
  • The S4 matrix also consists of 14 different levels. The number of slots to be filled increases from 3 to 6.
  • The first two slots will be controlled by the upline,  the money earned from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th slot is directly transferred to the users’ TRON digital wallet.
  • The sixth slot will go to the upline after the first five slots have been successfully filled by the users of the Supersage Smart contract MLM clone.
  • Once each referral clicks the affiliate link and is successfully registered on the Supersage clone platform, the referrer (existing user) gets the required earnings credited to his/her TRON wallet. 
  • The returns from 250 TRX deposited in the S3 matrix will double to 500 TRX.
  • The total earnings from 250 TRX transferred to the S4 matrix will triple to 750 TRX after a certain period. 

The different benefits offered by the Supersage Clone Script are

  • No submission of withdrawal request – Users can get timely payment of their respective commission and bonuses without needing to submit a payment request. They can link their bank account to withdraw all their earnings anytime without facing any restrictions or rigorous conditions.
  • Guarantee of a higher level of safety – While skeptics always doubt the credibility of MLM schemes, the Supersage smart contract MLM clone gives numero uno priority to protect the funds and data of users. Many security measures like end-to-end encryption, multi-factor authentication, jail login, cross-site request forgery protection (CSRF), server-side request forgery protection (SSRF), and anti-DDoS protection are implemented to ensure a high level of trust.
  • Availability of numerous gifting schemes and rewards – Many rewards and customized gifts are present for the members of the Supersage clone script to increase their returns from their crypto holdings.
  • No possibility of any scams and frauds – A trustworthy investment experience is assured for all the members of the Supersage smart contract MLM clone. Multiple checks and balances keep the chance of scams and frauds very low.

Final Thoughts

The price of TRX, the 26th largest crypto in the market, has remained steadily above $0.0537 in recent times because of positive investor demand. The Supersage MLM platform has made rapid progress after being launched just over a year ago in the industry, 

The fact that the Supersage clone script operates fully like a decentralized exchange gives users more benefits than other MLM platforms. The price of TRX in the market is all set to increase by around 18% in the coming days. Hence, it is a perfect time to acquire a Supersage smart contract MLM clone and make the most of the optimistic trends in the fast-growing cryptocurrency industry.