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How to Address CPAP Side Effects like a Pro?


Due to today’s fast-forward lifestyle & junk foods, suffering from sleep apnoea is so common. To get relief from such issues, people are preferring to use CPAP Accessories. However, most medical treatments have a certain amount of chances to impact adversely on the human body. CPAP too has a few side-effects, which we are going to highlight in this blog post and also address it rightly.

If you use a cpap Australia, which acronyms “continuous positive airway pressure” machine as your sleeping therapy, then you would definitely want it to use every night rightly.

Have a look into a few side-effects of using CPAP accessories.

  • Chances of feeling like claustrophobic

CPAP Mask covers your face and blows streams of air through your mouth and into airways with the purpose to keep your throat clear all the time. Thus, it is completely agreeable that the user may feel a bit of discomfort, especially when he is lying on the bed. This one is the most common concerns people have, as CPAP helps them to sleep properly all night.

What can you do in this situation? Well, you can try an alternative mask to get rid of such a suffocative experience. Although, the size and design of the mask can be a little different. If this situation happens to you, it is recommended to try a different mask type that is known as a nasal pillow mask, which is light in weight and small in size.   

  • Irritating noise of the machine

If you purchase second-handed or older CPAP machines, there will remain chances of vibration when they are on. The sound of humming can irritate the user and it results in a person finding peace everywhere. What you can do in such a situation is distance yourself. Try to set up the machine far from the bed or choose to place it under the bed if that can mute the sound. Try upgrading your CPAP machine. The brand-new CPAP Machines are small and quiet, so you can consider upgrading the model. An alternate way to deal with the situation is, wearing earplugs or headphones that provide enough relief. Also, you can try using background music to minimise the sound.   

  • Don’t fit properly

Choosing the right mask that properly fits your face is so much important when you use a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea treatment. The right face shape will not only ensure comfort but also makes the mask work properly. If your mask doesn’t fit you correctly it may cause issues and you may feel discomfort all the time. To come out from any such situation, contact your professional sleep apnoea therapists to help you demonstrate the right path to wear the mask so that it fits perfectly and drive benefits to you. Also, you need to pay attention to the facial changes with time, to find out the right size of mask that fits properly.

Final thought,

They say, every problem has a solution, and they are right too. Purchasing cpap accessories can surely relieve you, but you need to be smart enough to pick the right size, shape, design, and type of CPAP machine to get rid of usage problems.