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How To Apply Stick On Nails: A Complete Guide


The beauty industry is constantly developing new and innovative methods of applying stick on nails. Here we explore how to apply these nails, and the different types of techniques you can use to create the perfect nail art. 

From application techniques to nail products that will last longer and keep your nails looking their best, this article will give you everything you need to know about applying stick on nails.

What are sticks on nails?

Stick on nails are exactly what they sound like. They are nails you can apply to your own nail in the same way you would apply a regular nail polish. Instead of spending time applying individual coats of polish to each of your nails, stick on nails allow you to do all that work simultaneously.

When applied correctly, stick on nails can help paint a flawless and professional manicure in less time than it would take with traditional methods.

Application techniques

When it comes to applying stick on nails, there are a few important things you’ll need to remember. The first is to make sure the nail is clean and free of any residue. An unclean surface can end up ruining your perfect manicure. You should also make sure that your nails are long enough so the application matches from the base of the nail to the fingertip. If your nail is too short, you won’t have enough material for an even application.

The next step is choosing a product that’s appropriate for your nail type and desired result. There are a lot of options available, but many stick on nails come with instructions on how to apply them and what paint colors to use. Experiment with different colors and products, but keep in mind that you’ll want a product that has a long shelf life so you can use it repeatedly without having to reapply every week or two days.

Types of materials used to create your design

There are many materials that can be used for your stick on nails, such as:


Acrylics are a popular material for stick-on nails because they’re durable and have a variety of colors. There are different types of acrylics that have various consistencies and finishes. The only downside of using acrylics is that they can be difficult to apply evenly.

Wooden Nails

Wooden nails are another option if you’re looking for something more natural looking than acrylics. These nails come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the downside is that they’re more likely to break in the event of an accident, like falling off at work or getting caught on something (which is why these nails typically come with adhesive).


Paint sticks usually come in matte nail polish finish or gloss nail polish finish, so it’s important to choose the right type depending on what look you’re going for. Paint sticks also have a lot of flexibility in terms of application technique, so you’ll have plenty of options provided you know how to use them correctly.

Tips for sticking on, removing and maintaining your nails

One of the most important steps to creating amazing nail art is applying the nails. Stick on nails come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Some are even LED lights that shine through your natural nail polish to illuminate your designs.

If you are new to stick on nails and want to know how to apply them without any mistakes, this article will show you how. We’ll also give you some tips for removing and maintaining your nails after creating a nail design.

How long do stick on nails last?

One of the first questions you might ask yourself when deciding to apply stick on nails is how long they can last.

Stick on nails are a temporary method and will only last for a few days before they start to peel off. The product that you use will determine how long your nails will last. Some nail products will only adhere your nails for one day, while others may stick them on up to four days.

Some of the factors that will contribute to the longevity of your stick on nails include the size and shape of your nails, as well as their condition. If you have dry or brittle nails, they’ll be more likely to peel off quickly. However, if you’re able to keep them moisturized and smooth, then your stick on nails may last up to four days in total.

The color and design that you choose will also factor into how long your stick on nails can last. If you choose a white or light colored polish with a solid color pattern, it’ll make it easier for people to see where exactly your polish is peeling away from at any given time. This would allow people looking at your nails for longer periods of time the chance to see where exactly the polish was coming off from throughout the day.

Best nail products.

Stick on nails might be easy to apply, but the quality of the product you use is essential for your nails to last. You need nail polish that will not chip or peel off after just a few days.

Here are some of our favorite products:

  • Nails Inc.- This is one of the most popular brands in Europe and offers beautiful shades as well as high-quality ingredients.
  • Sally Hansen Hard As Nails- This brand also has a variety of shades to choose from and high quality ingredients that will keep your nails looking its best.
  • Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat- If you’re looking for something super quick and easy to dry your nails, this is the perfect option.