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How To Avoid Relapse From Mental Health Treatment During The Holidays


Did you make it through the holiday season without an episode? If so, congratulations! Now that 2022 is here, it’s time to stay committed. We know relapse prevention can seem overwhelming at first. But giving yourself a head start on staying well for life can go a long way. Here are some suggestions to do just that this holiday season.

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Get a head start on your medication adjustments.

It’s easy to stop taking the medications you need during the holidays. Since it takes about 30 days for most psychiatric drugs to build up in your system (and sometimes as long as 90 days), stopping too soon can be disastrous — it could lead to an episode.

If you’re taking psychiatric medications, now is an excellent time to reach out to your doctor about having an appointment or phone call with them this month. Ask what they think the best way is to stay on track and ensure that your medication levels don’t drop too low during the holidays.

For instance, do they recommend taking half of your usual dose until your next appointment? Or taking a quarter of your medication and then doubling up for the holidays? Also, ask what the plan is if you get too close to running out of drugs at any point sectional sofas. They may want to refill half of your prescription early so that you’re never caught without them.

Seek support.

This may be challenging, but there are some ways to reach out for help to feel overwhelmed. For instance, if your family is driving you crazy with all their holiday cheer (or lack thereof), you can tell them that it’s best to wait until after the holidays to discuss your feelings.

They’ll likely respect the request, and then you can focus on less stressful topics after the holidays are over! It’s a good moment to join a therapy group at one of the Christian mental health treatment centers near you.

Commit to healthy routines.

One of the most significant predictors of relapse is a lack of healthy habits, especially concerning sleep and exercise. It’s really easy to neglect these things during the holidays as we party more and exert ourselves less —, but you’ll only feel worse if you do! Here are some simple ways to get back on track:

For healthy sleeping habits:

If you’re staying with family, be sure to have a quiet place to sleep where you won’t feel self-conscious. Bring a sleeping mask and earphones so that even if your room is brightly lit or noisy at night, it will still be dark and silent for you.

Make sure you’re waking up around the same time every day.

Do your best to limit caffeine and alcohol at night since they can both interfere with your sleep.

For healthy exercise habits:

Set achievable but challenging goals for yourself. Maybe you want to go for a five-minute walk every day or do 10 minutes of yoga before bed each night.

You can also try to create environments that are conducive to exercise. For instance, you might want to join a gym or even ask your family if they’d like to go for walks with you in the evenings when it’s not freezing outside.

Get connected.

Among the best ways to stay well is staying connected, but this is especially important during the holiday season. Connect with family and friends, although you’re not physically with them! You can do this by sending old-fashioned letters or holiday cards (or even updating your Facebook status). By staying connected, you’ll be less likely to feel lonely or isolated on top of everything else happening this time of year.

Don’t forget to give back.

This is a wonderful moment to give back to those less fortunate than you, whether that means volunteering at a soup kitchen or donating toys to underprivileged children. This will remind you of the blessings in life while giving you something positive to focus on during the season (instead of all the negativity). It might even inspire you to do more for others throughout the year!

Avoid Stressing.

Finally, avoid all the inevitable stress of the holiday season by relaxing as much as possible. You can do this by exercising, meditating, or even just taking some time to sit back and watch a movie! Most importantly, remember that you don’t have to buy into any of the hype surrounding this time of year – Christmas isn’t about presents or decorations; it’s about family and friends.

Be Creative!

You can also try to change your mindset by being creative this time of year. For instance, you might want to experiment with some new recipes or decorate your home differently convertible sofa bed. The holidays are an excellent moment to have fun in the kitchen and try out some new recipes, especially when you’re trying to impress your family or friends. You could even come up with a seasonal menu that’s perfect for people with food allergies!

You can also decorate your home differently by focusing on lights rather than tinsel. This will not only look more festive but will also save you some time and money, and the best part is that it’s eco-friendly!

So, there you go! Those are amazing tips to help you survive the holidays, especially if you’re dealing with mental health problems. Best of luck and happy holidays!