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How to build a house from scratch: operational steps


Are you about to start building a house from scratch and don’t know where to start? I explain step by step how you must proceed to face this adventure.

There are several operational phases related to the construction of the house.

First of all you will have to buy a building land where to build, this must obviously be your property and then you will have to carry out the project. This is a bit like the focus of your ideal future construction, the actual first step.

  • The project is fundamental above all for three different aspects:
  • Allows you to evaluate how your construction will be once completed;
  • Allows you to submit it to companies before work to make you make specific and detailed estimates;
  • Allows you to undertake all the inherent bureaucratic procedures.

Remember, your ideal home project must be done by a competent technician, surveyor, engineer or architect. This will be able to offer you various solutions trying to give life, first of all on paper at a graphic level, to a construction that will be able to fulfill all your practical and aesthetic needs.

Buy Building Land:

The first step in building a property is to purchase building land, if you don’t already own one of your own.

If you have to start looking for a lot, it is good to be guided and supported, even on a technical level, by an architect.

For each land it is in fact important to verify its build ability, the cad astral situation and request the town planning certificate from the Municipality.

One of the characteristics that prove to be fundamental to be known is the so-called building index, that is the maximum volume allowed for on-site constructions.

Permits and authorizations:

To build a house, specific authorizations and permits will be required by law, such qualifications.

If your ideal home will be built from scratch, the necessary qualification is the PDC, i.e. the Building Permit. It must be requested before the start of the works at the one-stop shop for the building of the municipality where your land to be built is located.

To request the PDC you will have to submit a series of documents including the project and a series of attachments and sworn statements drawn up and formed by your designer, if enabled.

The same must certify compliance with current building regulations and compliance with all the interventions that will be necessary for the construction of your new property. Remember, the issued PDC will be in your name as the owner of the building to be built

Permit to Build: Timing:

This point is very important, but we are sure that your designer will be able to give you information about it and carry out everything according to these rules.

Therefore, the person in charge of the procedure must complete the preliminary phase within 60 days of submitting the application.

Additional documentation may be requested to be presented within 15 days. Once the requested additions have been received, the person in charge of the procedure must issue the Building Permit within 30 days. Here are some plumbing tips you should know

The works must be started within one year of release and completed within three years from the communication of the commencement of the works. Basically, once you have the PC you have 4 years to build a house unless you request extensions to the terms of the law.