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How to Calculate Theoretical Yield and Percent Yield in Less Than 6 Minutes Using These Amazing Tools

Percent yield calculator

Calculating scientific notions and balancing extensive equations sometimes become a lot of nuisance for students especially if they are dealing with chemistry subjects. Considering the glitches students face while dealing with such complicated subjects, several online tools and calculators were offered by various sites.

Among the most difficult notions in chemistry, calculating theoretical yield and percent yield has its own room. Most of the students find it really tough and time taking to calculate the percent yield and theoretical yield of a reaction. For this reason, the popularity of online theoretical yield and percent yield calculators is not hidden.

How we can calculate the theoretical yield and percent yield in less than 6 minutes using an online calculator is explained in this article.

Theoretical Yield calculator

A theoretical yield calculator chemistry uses theoretical yield formula i.e. theoretical yield = (actual yield/ percent yield) x 100 to calculate the theoretical yield online. It is denoted by the symbol TY. However, the theoretical yield is the product quantity derived from a stoichiometry predicted reaction. 

You can swiftly calculate the theoretical yield by using an online theoretical yield calculator. The percentage yield and actual yield are the only required values you need to have in order to calculate theoretical yield using online tools.

For instance, all you have to do is just enter percent yield and actual yield values of your reaction in the input boxes provided for the purpose. And then click “calculate” to get the theoretical in less than 6 minutes.

Moreover, if you don’t have the actual yield and percent yield values of your reaction you can use a theoretical yield calculator that calculates the theoretical yield on the basis of limiting reactant and desired products value.

Using this online tool is as simple and easy as calculating with a before told tool. The only difference is, instead of entering the percent yield and actual yield you have to enter the molecular weight and moles of limiting reagent and that of desired product as well.

As soon as you enter the required values in the value entering box provided, just click calculate and thus in less than few seconds the theoretical yield of your reaction will be calculated.

Percent Yield Calculator

It is quite a convenient and fast procedure to calculate the percentage yield of a reaction using an online percent yield calculator. Based on the theoretical yield and the actual yield it follows a straightforward computation of the percentage. 

However, the efficiency of a synthetic technique is measured using percentage yield. It informs you how well your reaction has been carried out. Moreover, the percentage yield of something other than a chemical process could also be calculated using a percent yield calculator. 

The formula used to calculate the percent yield is the similar as to calculate the percent yield manually i.e. Y = AY/TY * 100. In this formula the “Y” represents the percent yield, whereas the AY and TY are used for the abbreviation of actual yield and theoretical yield respectively. 

Just input the theoretical yield and actual yield in the space provided for the purpose in the percent yield calculator. After that select the calculate option, soon after you click you will be provided with the percent yield of your reaction. Since the percent yield is a percentage, this calculation is deemed unit less.