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How to choose a good quality Restaurant receipt paper


In latest years, with the upward jab of the takeaway industry, greater and greater merchants, shops, and supermarkets and restaurant have begun to furnish takeaway services, and the demand for takeaway thermal paper roll has additionally increased.

But how to selected a appropriate restaurant receipt paper?

Due to the particularity of the takeaway industry, specific thermal paper for takeaway wishes to have the following characteristics: suitable water resistance, secure shade rendering, and excessive price performance.

1. Why does the thermal paper roll for takeaway want to be waterproof?

Because there are frequently terrible climate when turning in food, every now and then the shade of the heat-sensitive paper for takeaway will be doubtful when it touches rain or snow, which leads to many takeaway guys who can’t locate the tackle or can solely matter on it. Thinking about the tackle in memory, the end result was once that the incorrect items have been delivered or the meal used to be delivered overtime.

2.Then why do we want to have steady shade rendering?

The takeaway boy will put a lot of foods in the equal eating car, and there will regularly be instances the place high-temperature meals hits the heat-sensitive receipt. When this happens, the thermal paper roll with secure coloration improvement will no longer have exceptional changes, however the thermal paper with unstable colour improvement will show up printed handwriting. When the exterior excessive temperature is encountered, the address, smartphone and different data will additionally appear. Unobvious conditions will additionally motive hassle to clients and takeaway guys.