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How to Choose Between the Two Different Kinds of dab Rigs

dab rigs
dab rigs

Dab rigs are one of several variations on the dab smoking method. The original dab rig, also called a dab smoke, involves filling a glass pipe with water and heating it to boiling over about two minutes. A dab rig is basically a hand-held device that vaporizes a concentrated mixture directly into the mouthpiece. The heated vapors are inhaled by the user, who holds their lips firmly over the mouthpiece and exhales as the water pours into the glass pipe.

Advantages of dab rigs:

Many people find that dabbing is a very enjoyable method of smoking. The heated water can trigger the body’s natural lubrication, and the heat opens up the throat and allows for easy, even inhalation. Another advantage of dabbing is that it can be done in a number of different positions, including lying down, sitting, kneeling, standing and much more.

Because dabbing requires so little water, it makes the apparatus easier to transport than other types of hookahs. Most hookahs include a carrying case, but many individuals choose to carry a separate dabber. Many dab rigs are made from wood, but some are made from metal or clear plastic. Some models feature a hydrometer attached to the tube, which will measure your draw at the end of the session. Using the hydrometer to determine how much water you’ve used is the best way to ensure that you’re using the right amount of water.

 Difference between dab rigs and traditional hookahs:

Another difference between dabbing rigs and traditional hookahs is the use of beeswax. Beeswax is an excellent choice for dabbing because it produces a smoother, cooler smoke. The beeswax also provides a higher quality of heat. However, not all dancers are able to utilize beeswax because the process of creating the beeswax requires a lot of effort. Many dabbers prefer to use vegetable-based wax.

Although there are two different types of hookahs, most dab rigs today are made from a plastic material called “bong.” The term “bong” comes from the length of the pipe that the dabber sits on. The pipe should be relatively long to allow for a good grip. Not all songs are created equal, and they all vary in length, quality and design. Most labs are held on standard wood pipes with no modifications required.

Black plastic:

Although most dab rigs are made with stainless steel, some are constructed out of black plastic to resemble a regular bowl. Both styles typically feature a wide, bowl-like mouthpiece. The mouthpieces are attached to the bottom of the dabber via a piece of hose. You’ll find the wide mouthpieces commonly use a silicone hose to connect the mouthpiece to the tube. The black plastic dabber may have a rubber tip to prevent smoke from escaping.

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Some popular variations on the basic dab rigs design are: tube (a “torch”) and nail (also known as “flame” or “snake bong”). Both styles utilize the same type of stainless steel tubing. Their differences lie mainly in the length of the tube. A nail dabber usually has a longer tube than a flame or torch bong.

Tube dabbers:

These two styles are similar, but differ in terms of appearance. Tube dabbers usually have a small hole on the bottom of the tube to insert the nail. Flame or torch bongs also typically feature a hole on the bottom of the tube, but they also may not contain a hole for the nail. Bongs that contain borosilicate glass are not similar to the dab rigs described above, because they do not contain borosilicate glass.

Both styles of dab rigs are similar in that the container holds the wax/nail and the end of the torch is held onto the top of the container. The main difference lies in how the components are attached. For example, while flame and torch bongs usually just fasten with nails or clamps, a bong torch can actually be bent to lock in one end of the torch. This allows you to position the torch at a specific angle, or angle away from your face. This feature is useful when you want to apply a bit more heat or pressure onto the nail.


The third variation of dabbing is called E-rigs. It is essentially the same as dabbing except that it uses hot wax or other concentrated substance to heat up the nail or wax and create a vapor that you inhale. This type of rig is similar to dabbing in that the only difference is the concentration of heated substance used. This is usually useful for doing nails or other difficult tasks where heat isn’t particularly effective or desired. E-rigs also typically have their own torch which is usually attached directly to the concentrate so that it can be moved around easily.

There are many variations of these two dab rigs depending on the materials and methods of application, but they basically all utilize E-rigs. Some dab rigs are created using borosilicate glass beads, while others use glass beads and ceramic tiles. If you are dabbing on something hard, like electronics, jewelry, or expensive materials, a borosilicate glass rig is probably the best option for you. A borosilicate glass dab rig should hold a candle at any temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.