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How to choose camping Generator?


The supply of electricity is very important for the operation of electrical appliances, however, the electrical network may have some unforeseen events, such as oscillation or lack of energy.

To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to use a power generator. In addition to the uninterrupted supply of electricity, its use has the benefit of versatility, as it can be used in various segments.

As a result, the power generator can be operated in hospitals, commerce, offices, homes, among others. Furthermore, it can be used for temporary or continuous application.

In addition to the aforementioned environments, the power generator can also be used in an outdoor area, for example, camping, farm, farm and fishing.

In an external environment, the use of the energy generator is very useful, as it helps in local lighting, heating and cooling, and finally, in the operation of motors and electrical equipment.

When choosing the power generator, some doubts may arise, as there are the most varied models and powers.

In order to help, we at Honda will give some tips on how to choose the power generator for an external environment

Tips for Choosing a Power Generator



The choice of generator power is very important to determine which is the best model for your application, for this, you must calculate the power in watts of all electrical appliances that will be powered by the equipment.

To find this information, just check the instruction manual, but if not, use the formula: voltage x current: power.

However, in order not to overload the device, you must leave a safety margin. It is recommended to leave 20% more of the indicated potency.

If you use an appliance that consumes more power, for example, a refrigerator or freezer, you must multiply the power used by four. Here more read about the generators

The reason for this is that some types of electrical appliances have a starter motor that demands a lot of energy. You must keep this in mind to avoid any kind of problem.


The generator’s operation is similar to that of a vehicle, that is, it is from the engine that the equipment obtains energy.

Gasoline, diesel and gas are the fuel options to use in an energy generator (the most popular are: gasoline and diesel).

However, to choose the type of fuel, you must consider certain factors, for example, whether its use will be temporary or continuous.

If its application is temporary, that is, it will only be used when something unforeseen occurs (such as the absence or fluctuation of electricity), it is recommended to use gasoline.

The choice of gasoline for temporary operation is because it is more affordable when compared to diesel.

On the other hand, the diesel generator has a lower consumption, for this reason, it is recommended for continuous use.

For outdoor areas, such as camping or fishing, it is recommended to use gasoline, as its use is sporadic.

Diesel, on the other hand, is recommended for farms or farms, as its use is permanent. In addition, this model does not have the need for frequent refueling, becoming another advantage, since this type of environment does not have an easy access for the purchase of fuel.


Another important feature when choosing a power generator model is its size and weight.

The reason for this is that, outdoors, a large and heavy equipment will be difficult to transport, causing some inconvenience.

To avoid any kind of inconvenience, it is recommended to opt for a portable generator, this model is lighter and smaller.

Advantages of using power generators in farms, farms, camping and fishing

As already mentioned, the supply of electricity is quite advantageous for the most varied segments. However, in an outdoor environment, the energy may not even arrive.

With the energy generator, the operation of various electrical devices is guaranteed, for example, TVs, refrigerators, electric showers, machines, among others.

In addition to providing electricity for the most common electrical appliances, the power generator promotes the operation of: irrigation and water pumping systems.


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