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How to choose the ideal printer?


For each service, a printer. Possibly you’ve already gone through the question when choosing the ideal device and asked yourself “which is the best printer?”. But what people are not always aware of is that more than choosing the best printer, you must choose the ideal model for your usage profile.

With that in mind, check out tips that will serve as a guide when choosing the right printer for you. And you can even take advantage of an HP coupon to buy the best printers and cartridges at a special price.

What is a multi function printer?

To start with, let’s clear up a very frequent question. Today the multi function printer is quite common in the market, but it wasn’t always like this. In the past you had a scanner, a printer, a fax and a copier.

The multi functional printer came to unite all these equipment into one, that is, it is a single device that copies, scans images and documents, prints (some even prints photos) and sends faxes. But, here comes the question, how to choose the best multi function printer?

For that, you need to pay attention to the details, which vary from model to model and can impact your choice, depending on how you intend to use it.

There are options that meet household needs. In this case, the ideal is to look for models that align economy and quality, with simplified connection, as in the case of the HP Smart Tank. It is perfect for those who need to print in large quantities and, in addition, it offers the convenience of being able to scan and print directly from your mobile through the app.

For companies with small offices, the main factor to consider is the economy. With day-to-day busy, the ideal is to choose models with simple and quick recharge. One solution to this demand is HP Neverstop, with savings of up to 80% using original toner, recharge in 15 seconds and connection to the application, which allows printing directly from the cell phone.

Print mode: inkjet, laser or Eco tank?

With the home office, it has become more common for people to print the documents they need to work from home. Therefore, home printers became a good ally in the work routine.

Below, let’s know a little more about the types of printers according to their use.


More common for residential uses, printers that use ink cartridge are cheaper equipment. In them, it is possible to print documents and photos and their differential is the price.

With this printer model, the ideal is to choose cartridges that are eco-friendly, contain more ink per unit, are made with recycled material and save ink, like the cartridges in HP’s XL model. This is a great option not only for its concern for the environment, but also for being an advantage for the pocket.


More common in the corporate environment, the inkjet printer prints faster, in large quantities and with professional quality, but remember, it is more expensive, more robust equipment, suitable for companies.

In that case, it’s worth buying a laser printer only if your demand is big enough to pay off the investment.

Ink tank:

Ink tank printers are, like inkjet printers, for home use. The difference is that, in this case, the ink is added in the printer’s own compartment, the ink tank.

Although they have a higher investment, they can provide a good return, as they have less maintenance and use the inks on a larger scale. For Printer ink Click here

Now that you already know some of the types of multi function printer and the advantage of choosing each one of them, just choose the one that best fits your usage profile, and your budget, and buy the most suitable one.