How to choose the right mattress for your sleep

Sleep is a prerequisite of good, physical and mental, health human. It is a natural function of the human body, which helps the memory, thinking, and individual vital functions. It is good for every person to rest 7-9 hours every night in order to be able to … Read More

Sleep is a prerequisite of good, physical and mentalhealth human. It is a natural function of the human body, which helps the memory, thinking, and individual vital functions.

It is good for every person to rest 7-9 hours every night in order to be able to cope, physically and mentally, with everyday life.

Sleep affects fitness and the immune system and has an impact on mood, stress, and social behavior. It also rejuvenates the body, affecting an important substance in the human body, serotonin, which is responsible for regulating our emotional state.

On the opposite bank, lack of sleep leads to mental fatigue, inability to concentrate, and memory difficulties. According to research, lack of sleep can lead to increased appetite, create vision problems, and can cause, in the human psyche, mood swings to depression.

Based on all the above we understand that sleep and more specifically good, quality sleep is very important for our health and well-being. So in order to enjoy sleep, we need the right helper, ie the sleeping mattress.

If you often wake up with a headache, feel tired – while you have slept enough – feel musculoskeletal pain or notice that you are irritable, one of the things to consider is the mattress on which you sleep.

The sleeping mattress is a very personal purchase, as it must meet the needs and tastes of the person sleeping in it.

There are some key factors to consider before buying a mattress:

Mattress items

1) Orthopedics
Orthopedics are mattresses that consist of interconnected springs that support the spine. They are usually recommended for people who have problems with the waist, but also for children or adolescents who are still developing. However, if there is a condition and because each case is different, we consult our doctor before making a purchase.

2) Anatomical
Anatomical are soft layers that do not sink but take the shape of our body. They are ideal for people who sleep a few hours a day and want to really rest during this time.

3) Memory Foam
Finally, there are the layers of Memory Foam or memory foam that keep the body in a proper position during sleep and a constant body temperature.

Do not forget that the type of mattress can be a combination of the above categories.

Body type

A basic rule is that the mattress should be tailored to you and not the other way around. The mattress you choose depends on your body type, height, and weight. The bed should offer you support, hug your body and give you comfort and rest. For example, a heavier person needs more support, which means that a hard mattress is an ideal solution. On the contrary, a lighter person will rest properly and on a lighter mattress.

Sleep posture

If you sleep on your face you need a hard mattress that supports the abdomen and spine. If you sleep on your back you need a mattress that supports your neck and waist. Finally, if you sleep on your side, you need a light mattress that supports your shoulders.  

Body temperature

If you get warm during sleep, choose a mattress with latex and springs that allow air to pass through. If you get cold again during sleep, a layer of foam – which maintains body temperature – is the right choice.

Try for the right choice

Try it before you buy a mattress! Lie down on it, spend time, lie down in the posture, usually sleep at night, close your eyes and let your senses free. In the right mattress, you will immediately feel comfortable and free. The mattress must be adjusted to the curves of your body! Londonlenders

Mattress life

According to experts, the maximum time limit for the use of a mattress is 8 years. It is not enough just to buy a good mattress, but you must keep in mind to replace it in time so as not to affect the quality of your sleep.  

In SOFA we believe in good, quality sleep and we have mattresses for every need and body type. You can find anatomical, orthopedic or memory foam mattresses, come to one of our exhibitions to get the one that suits your needs.  

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