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How to Choose Your Class in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

How to Choose Your Class in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Today’s article will discuss an old but concerned problem of most novices, that is, which character is the most powerful in Diablo 2 Resurrected. In fact, if you want to distinguish the strengths and weaknesses of different classes, you should comprehensively compare them in the same stage, level, equipment strength, and a variety of scenes. Sometimes you even have to consider the diversity of playing methods and players’ own preferences.

Diablo 2 has seven classes, which can be divided into the legal system and the physics department as a whole. Sometimes the same profession will have completely different choices of legal system or physics department and Diablo 2 Resurrected items. However, at the beginning of the new hand, the legal system is easier to use and simpler to operate than pure physics. The following is a brief introduction to the occupations and playing methods suitable for different stages and scenes. Of course, the first game entertainment is not completely limited to the strategy or set of death. It is more recommended that players have their own game ideas and experience fun.

One of the more recommended classes is a mage who can learn transmission skills. After she starts, she can quickly obtain more advanced equipment. She just needs to survive the previous low-level stage to gradually experience the benefits of high-efficiency treasure and buy D2R items. It is a common starting route to rely on a mage to brush equipment numbers for other occupations.

Another recommended class is the necromancer, which is suitable for leisure players with a slow pace. The advantage of this profession is that it is simple to operate, does not require high equipment for land reclamation, and does not have much pressure for customs clearance. However, if you want to deeply experience Diablo 2 after customs clearance, it is not the first choice because the efficiency of farming equipment is too low. However, if you are a player who can stand loneliness, you can also get a lot of valuable items by constantly brushing the hidden cow level after passing the difficulty of hell, such as perfect Topaz and the language background of perfect topaz. Only after making “mystery” and “infinite” can the necromancer really experience the strength of this profession.

If you are a player who has a belief in the knight profession, you can also start the knight, but you must not choose the physical playing method (such as double heat Knight). The blessing hammer knight, which does not rely on equipment and takes shape quickly, is the right choice. Making the “spirit” sword shield in the language of perfect Topaz as soon as possible before the nightmare difficulty can make you pass through hell easily, However, because it is a running brush, the efficiency is also the biggest limitation of its rapid development.

Trap assassin is also a way to start without too much difficulty. Her customs clearance and group brush ability are no weaker than any other profession, but there are really few first assassins. The later martial assassins have good brush ability and experience. Those who like assassins must have a chance to experience it.

In the middle and later stages, this stage represents the MF with one or more Diablo 2 equipment, and has certain strong equipment strength. At this time, there are too many suitable playing methods to choose from, such as the third Department of mages and the branch playing methods of each department. Dead mages commonly have pure moves and poison moves, Paladins can try more physical games in addition to continuing to improve the hammer of blessings.

Amazon plays javelin Amazon and bows and arrow Amazon, but the equipment matching is completely different. It’s best to prepare a set of equipment. Barbarians and assassins play more, but they have higher requirements for equipment. Druids are not suitable for novices, but they know how to play poisonous wolves and wild wolves. Beating monsters are also very powerful.

The monster hunting in Diablo 2 is basically in hell difficulty. If you want to have the opportunity to brush all perfect Topaz or dark gold equipment, you must not miss the level 85 that exists in each scene. In addition, hiding cow level, Diablo, irritable skin, gyrase, and bar are scenes and bosses that many players often farm. There are usually many elements immune monsters in the scene. You can choose different professions to farm such scenes. Electrical methods and necromancers are strong choices in terms of brush ability and efficiency. Hidden cow level is very suitable for brushing some perfect Topaz language substrates and perfect Topaz scenes because monsters are dense and immune monsters rarely appear. The key points of brushing cow level are efficiency and the number of monsters. More suitable occupations include javelin Amazon, necromancer, and assassin.

The choice of class is inseparable from the equipment as a guarantee. Therefore, shorten the early reclamation stage as much as possible, obtain strong equipment as soon as possible, and have the opportunity to experience more rich game content. Try to avoid using some late playing methods that eat equipment very much to start and brush monsters. This is not only extremely difficult to play, but also easy to lose people’s interest in the game.