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How to Clean a Mattress with a Steam Cleaner?


Thinking of buying a steam cleaner?

Know that you can use it in all your interior, to make it clean and healthy. While the steam cleaner is used to wash floors, it is also used to clean and disinfect certain furniture, such as sofas and mattresses. This article explains how to clean your mattress with a steam cleaner.

Why clean your mattress?

Every day we spend about 8 hours a day on our Mattress Cleaning Service. If we consider our entire existence, it is a third of our entire life that we spend in bed. No matter what outfit we sleep in, dead cells and the mites that feed on them accumulate in our beds. Dust and dirt settle on the sheets and mattresses. Parasitic insects like bed bugs can also grow in our mattresses. For all these reasons, it is essential to clean your mattress. Cleaning beds and mattresses limits various stains, such as sweat rings for example.

In addition, by disinfecting the mattresses with specific products or using a steam cleaner, the proliferation of bacteria, microbes and fungi, as well as the occurrence of allergies, are limited. A good steam cleaner can even get rid of bed bugs!

Our Advice for an Impeccable Mattress

In general, there are things to do on a daily basis to keep a mattress and bed clean: Do not make your bed immediately after waking up, but air it for a few moments. Change the sheets on your bed every 15 days maximum, or even once a week. Regularly, remove the cover from your mattress to let it dry and breathe in the open air. When you vacuum your bedroom, also vacuum your mattress to remove dust and dead cells. Use a steam cleaner once in a while to sleep on a perfectly clean, healthy mattress.

How to clean your mattress with a steam cleaner?

Here are the 7 steps to follow for a perfect cleaning of your mattress with a steam cleaner.

1- Read the instructions for use of the steam cleaner

If this is the first time you are handling your steam cleaner, read the instructions for use . This step is essential. Instructions for use contain instructions provided by the manufacturers. In these crafty booklets, the user finds precautions, the guidance for setting steam-cleaner, for its assembly, maintenance.

2- Vacuum the Mattress

The steam cleaner is not a vacuum cleaner. It removes stains, disinfects fabrics, sanitizes. But it doesn’t suck up dirt. Also, to benefit from all the efficiency of your household appliance at high temperature, vacuum the mattress before passing the steam cleaner, If your mattress is really very dusty, do not hesitate to insist with an adhesive roller to collect even the slightest speck of dust.

3 – Test the Cleaning Solution

Some steam cleaners simply work with water. In other devices, it is necessary to pour a mixture of water and washing product. If your steam cleaner falls into this second category, test the cleaning solution before applying it to your entire mattress. If the solution has not altered the condition of your mattress, you can pass it over the entire bed without any risk.

4- Clean the bed

Before washing your mattress with a steam cleaner, remove any troublesome items. Fitted sheet, duvet, pillows and lint. Your mattress must be bare to be properly cleaned and disinfected.

5- Remove Fragile Furniture

The very high temperature emitted by the steam cleaner and the humidity of this appliance can damage some delicate furniture. So it is better to remove fragile furniture, so as not to damage it during the operation. For example, if your nightstand is made of precious wood, move it away from the mattress to be cleaned.

6- Go to Cleaning

Once you have carried out all the prerequisite operations, you can proceed to cleaning your mattress. If your steam cleaner is mains powered, plug it into an outlet near the bed. You can use an extension cord, if necessary. If you have a cordless steam cleaner, you will of course have charged it before cleaning your mattress. And before the cleaning step, also remember to fill the kettle with water, or with the mixture of water and cleaning solution. Place the head of the steam cleaner directly on the mattress. Then activate the cleaning device using the on / off button.

Steam should come out of the cleaner head, and moisten the surface. It is this vapor that removes stains and kills germs, viruses and other pests. Scrub the mattress with the head of the steam cleaner, exerting light pressure to wash the mattress thoroughly.

7- Let Dry

When the steam cleaning of the mattress is finished, it is essential to let it air dry. Also, we will favor a cleaning in the morning. This will allow the mattress to dry out for the rest of the day. If you can, place your mattress in the sun. In the evening, you can install your dry, clean and disinfected mattress on your box spring.

Good to know

The steam cleaner is particularly effective on dirt. But if the fabrics are very dirty, steam cleaning will have reduced effectiveness. Despite the very high pressure and high heat, some stains can withstand the steam cleaner. For example, blood stains on a mattress are difficult to remove. And this, even with a powerful steam cleaner.