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How To Configure A Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Series?


The Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Series is a LAN controller switch built for commercial or other broad networks. It includes 24 Ethernet ports and can be linked to 25 wireless access points, enabling the connection of the computer or the members of any connected wireless point network. 

The Cisco Catalyst 3750-E Series thus works as part of a broader network architecture that may connect hundreds or thousands of machines across a broad range. There are countless configuration choices for such a switch, but the fundamentals are defined with a Cisco Express Setup program.

Guide to Setting Up the Cisco 3750 Switch

Step 1. Disconnect from the switch any computer or device and disconnect the power supply from the switch.

Step 2. Turn the power source of the switch back to a ground CA outlet. When doing a self-test the indication lights on the switch flash. Wait for a solid green “CYST” on the switch to show that the test is completed. It might take a few minutes.

Step 3. Press the “Mode” button for three seconds to become green, and then release the LEDs on the left side of the “Mode” button. In the bottom left corner of the switch is the “mode” button.

Stage 4. Connect an Ethernet cable to either of the Ethernet ports of the switch and link your computer to the other end. Make sure that the Ethernet card and switch lights of your computer are green and wait 30 seconds.

Step 5. Enter “” in your address bar, then open a web browser on your PC. You will be sent to the fast settings page of Cisco 3750.

Step 6. In the “IP Address” box of the “Basic Settings” tab, type “” Enter the IP address of the modem or router in the “Default Gateway” box when the switch is connected to the Web through a modem or router. In its handbook should be the IP address of a modem or router.

Step 7. In the field “Check password” enter a password and repeat it in the area “Check the password for change.” You will need this password in the future to access the switch settings page.

Step 8. Specify a switch name and fill in the “Optional Settings” data in the date, time, and time zone if you like. The fundamental settings are complete now, but some advanced options may also be changed.

Step 9. Click on ‘Settings Advanced’

Step 10. To administer the switch via a command-line interface, click “Enable” next to “Telnet Access.” In the boxes “Telnet Password” and “Confirm Telnet Password,” enter the password as well.

Step 11. To activate a simple network management protocol, click “Enable” next to “SNMP” (SNMP). Only if you want to manage the switch using CiscoWorks 2000 or another SNMP system should you enable this functionality. The information for “Read Community,” “Read Community,” “Community Write” and “Contact System” must be entered if SNMP is enabled.

Step 12. If you want to activate it, check the “Enable IPv6” option. IPv6 provides greater support for mobile devices like mobile phones and PDAs, simplifies setting of automated addresses, and improves data encryption compared to IPv4. When you exit Express Setup, IPv6 will restart your switch.

Step 13.To save plenty and apply your parameters, click “Send.” You must now set up and be ready to deploy your Cisco 3750 on your network of services.