It’s 2022! If there’s one positive takeaway so far, it’s our ability to get creative during the pandemic.

We spent more time at home to take a zoom class for yoga, a guitar trial, or even stream a live concert into the living room. Have you thought of these big changes a few years ago?

There is also more room for us to take care of our stress-relieving. Let’s start by taking 20 minutes to draw a bath, light a candle, play some music—and that’s something we could all need after working from the desk in the bedroom.


And the next big thing would be a full package of skincare MINI-SPA at home, it is a ‘mini’, yet luxurious experience. After all, we try to build ourselves a 5-star home experience.

The pandemic changed the way people thought about our skin, too.

Shopping beauty products online is becoming essential. The moment I bought my first cleansing device, I realized a good beauty product will help our skin look fresh with little to no effort.

And my second buy from the beauty product online shopping is the Spatula Face Lift Massager and Jade Roller. Getting to know more about facial massage I now understand that these little helpers perform things our fingertips can’t do. I’ve learned that there are over 40 muscles that make up the scaffolding of the face. And just like the muscles in the body, the more you move them, the more they get lifted.


And one more device I regularly go crazy about and also got over the beauty product online shopping store recently, is the Photon Therapy LED Mask. With it your MINI-SPA at home is becoming ever-more sophisticated. Isn’t it you did the same out there at the skincare center? Even though some professional versions may be stronger, with this device, you can enjoy LED masking on a regular basis at home. You will experience visible skin results faster.

For those who don’t know where to start, I’ve selected the top 10 skincare tools for you to build up your own MINI-SPA at home.

  1. Photon Therapy LED Mask
  2. Spatula Face Lift Massager
  3. Facial Cleansing Brush
  4. Facial Steamer
  5. Jade Roller
  6. Gua Sha
  7. Ultrasonic Ion Skin Scrubber
  8. 6 in 1 Facial Care Skin Tightening
  9. Reusable Silicone Swabs
  10. Facial Vacuum Blackhead Remover



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