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How To Create an SEO Proposal for a New Client?


If you are a Search Engine Optimization services provider and want to attract your clients, you should approach your prospects not simply but more engagingly. Through an SEO Proposal, you can comfortably get your new SEO clients because you already know what impresses your clients.

There are a lot of things that you as a seo company need to optimize if you are facing problems to make an SEO proposal for your new clients.

And this is the right place where we will tell you the methods we use to make our prospects more impressionable as well as improve your prospects by following these steps:

What steps you should follow to impress your client?

So, now let’s begin to create an SEO proposal for the client. You should know that there are a lot of SEO companies that use different methods to create the proposal but here you will get the smart and effective way to impress your client:

1.   Examine your Client

This is the first and main step that you should need to know and want to do always is to examine your clients and talk with them and ask questions from them through that you get to know that what requirements they want for their Search Engine Optimization.

Another important thing that you need to always keep in your mind is the questions you need to ask them. Their requirements, goals, budget is the most necessary questions, and also keep in mind to not ask any unnecessary questions from them.

2. Use Templates

The next step is to choose the best template, and many templates are also available online. Choose the single best and most suited template for your work from the free templates that you can use to make your proposals.

And, besides that, you have to choose the template by comparing its structure, design, and format. Get this right so that you can comfortably impress your client with the proposal.

3. Give them a summary of your work

The most important work after choosing the template is to give clients a summary of your work a.k.a. prospectus because your client has not enough time to read in brief so they tend to go through the summary only.

Also, you have to include your SEO services worksheet, tools, tasks, and everything that you’ll provide them.

4. Give them a Time Management Structure

Time is the most precious thing for everything that you have to make whether it is for an SEO or any other service. The main thing is that your clients must know that how much time you take to complete their SEO tasks.

And after completing the task the most necessary thing that they need to know is that in how much time they will able to get the results.

If you will mention all these things in your proposal you may close the deal with your client.

5. Make your Proposal Convinced

If you want to impress your client you have to make your proposal in such a way that they may get to know that you are confident about your work and you can comfortably achieve your SEO tasks.

You have to mention only those things you do. Don’t mention things which you can’t do as it may create issues in the future. So always make your proposal convinced.

6. Give them Exciting Offers

If you want to impress your client then you have to give them offers because pricing is an important concern for your new SEO clients so while making the offers you have to keep their budget in your mind and also your threshold. By giving more services you can increase their budget also.

7. Make a Legal Document

After doing all the things you must have to make a legal document of your company of SEO proposal for your client that makes everything clear about you and on that you may include all the details service that you provide them.

If you do this, you can to get to impress your client because it makes an authentic reputation for your SEO company.

8. Send your Proposal to the Client

The final step is that now your SEO proposal is made and it’s time to send it to your client before sending the proposal you must check again that it has no mistakes because errors and mistakes give a bad impression towards the work.

And your SEO proposal must look authentic that give a proper format and style to your content and all these things can attract your clients comfortably and gives an impressive look to your work.


So finally you have completed and send your proposal. It’s time to wait for your client to reply. If the reply does not come just give them a gentle reminder. It is also to note that even if you have not closed the deal with the client, it’s just fine. Do not get disheartened there are plenty of fishes in the sea.

So just follow these steps to make your SEO company’s proposal more professional to close the deal with your client.