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How to Decorate a Small House like an Architect

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See some decorating tips for small houses that we have separated for you Decorate and transform your home.

To start decorating an environment, it is essential to take into account the style of the house’s residents, whether it is casual, modern, vintage or retro. Regardless of the size of the house, the style that will be applied in the decoration is the initial factor in starting a decoration.

Small houses need special care when choosing the decoration, because due to the limited space, objects need to be chosen carefully, avoiding wasting space with items that are not so necessary for decoration. The colors used in the decoration also deserve special attention.

Decorating Tips for Small Homes:


Avoid choosing dark colors for decorating small houses, as they tend to reduce available space, giving the feeling of little space. Meanwhile, the light colors have the opposite effect, which is the expansion of space. Neutral colors are the best options, as they are flexible with any type of decoration, from the most classic to the most modern. Even vintage decorations fit well with the neutral color scheme.

Decorative Objects:

To choose how your decoration will be contemplated, you need to choose only one highlighted object, because due to the reduced space, if you choose several items, they need to have a proportional and asymmetrical size so that the decoration gives the feeling of space. When you choose just one standout item your space will appear to be wider than it actually is. When you choose several items, you can pollute a little of your decor leaving a feeling of little space. Contact here for Plumbing


Rugs can and should be used in the decoration of any space that you are interested in, but you must be careful with the size of the chosen rug, as it increases or decreases the space in the room in question. Therefore, choose models that do not take up all the available space and that, preferably, are just composition for the environment. Rectangular rugs that take up all the space can make a room feel smaller than it really is.


Mirrors are perfect to increase the feeling of space in the room, especially those with neutral colors as a base for decoration. If the room in question is a bedroom, you can put a mirror on the wall, if it is the living room, the mirror can be used as an adornment, as a decorative object or as a mirror in fact, composing the decoration.

Directed Lighting:

For small rooms, which are decorated in light tones and preferably neutral, you can use targeted lighting as a way to draw attention to that particular space. If you have any painting or object that deserves a highlight, don’t be afraid to dare when putting in targeted lighting and don’t forget to opt for white lights, which help to expand the feeling of space in the room in question.

What did you think of our decorating tips for small houses? See how it’s not so difficult to decorate a space that has little physical space? You just need to know how to use the most common elements in a decor, because with little space available, decorative objects need to be used wisely to add as much value as possible to your decor.

Now you just need to put our decorating tips for small houses into practice and create your decor highlighting the best points of your home, remembering that the smaller the space, the greater the coziness provided by it.