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How To Diagnose And Fix QuickBooks Error 15106?

QuickBooks Error 15106
QuickBooks Error 15106

QuickBooks Error 15106 displays “Error 15106: the update program cannot be opened” or “Error 15106: the update program is damaged”. This error affects the update function, and each time you perform an update of QuickBooks or payroll, you are most likely to see this error message. Mainly lack of administrative rights and firewall or antivirus restrictions can lead to this error. Carefully read this blog to understand error 15106 in QuickBooks completely.

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Reasons For QuickBooks Error Code 15106

Knowing the causes of an error is beneficial as understanding them will help you fix an error quickly. Error code 15106 is no exception, and you should try and figure out the cause of your error to effectively resolve it. Go through the points given below:

  1. Not having the administrative rights can trigger error 15106.
  2. Windows User Account Control settings are not configured correctly.
  3. Some additional components of QuickBooks are missing due to installation failures.
  4. Third-party antivirus or firewall can block QuickBooks from accessing the internet. This makes it harder for QuickBooks to download the updates.

With the reasons in mind, you can now go through the methods that are discussed in the next section.

Methods To Fix QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15106

All methods aim to fix a specific cause of the error. Knowing the cause of your error will help so that you can implement the steps for the solutions accordingly. Some of the methods for this error are discussed below:

Method 1: Stop The Antivirus Application

Stopping the application and renaming the folders can help fix this error. Implement the measures given below:

  1. Open the Task Manager.
  2. Navigate to the Processes tab. Now, look for [ANTIVIRUS].exe
  3. If you get an error, it’s advised to uninstall the antivirus application.
  4. Else, choose End Process.
  5. Now, to rename the QuickBooks update folder, you can first open File Explorer.
  6. Open the Intuit folder.
  7. Right-click on the downloadqbXX folder. Choose Rename. XX stands as the year version of QuickBooks.
  8. Now, add .old to the end of the filename.
  9. Finally, re-update QuickBooks.

If these measures haven’t helped you fix this error, you can move to the next set of steps given below.

Method 2: Turn Off UAC

Turning off UAC or User Account Control can resolve this error effectively. If the cause is specific to UAC, these steps given below can help:

  1. Open the Run window.
  2. Type Control Panel. Now, click on OK.
  3. Choose User Accounts. Then choose User Accounts(Classic View).
  4. Choose Change User Account Control Settings.
  5. Move the slider to Never Notify and select OK to turn UAC off.
  6. You can also move the slider to Always Notify and choose OK to turn on UAC.
  7. Now, restart your system.


QuickBooks Error 15106 is an easy error to fix, provided you are aware of the source of the error. Make sure to read the causes mentioned in this blog carefully. As for the solutions, make sure to implement all the measures with precision. With all this in mind, you can efficiently resolve error 15106 in QuickBooks.

Make sure to reach out to the team of QuickBooks Professionals at (1-855-948-3646) if you have any queries with respect to this error.

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