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How to find a good home inspector for your house?


This is a very common question that the owners of the house have. When someone books a home inspection, they think that their job is done and now the home inspector will do the rest. The main point is that not all home inspectors are reliable and trustworthy. As the local market is very saturated and when we try to find a good Home inspector, Pocahontas IL has many people claiming that they are experienced and skilled home inspectors and will inspect your home with such expertise. We cannot trust everyone hence it is very important to be careful while letting a stranger inside your house. Checking their credentials, certifications, company, and paid job experience is very important

What are the certification options available in the United States market?

The certifications to verify the ample training of home inspectors are:

  1. AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training)
  2. InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors)
  3. PHII (Professional Home Inspection Institute)
  4. McKissock Learning
  5. ATI Training (Home Inspection Institute)

By getting training done from these institutes, the home inspectors will be able to get these benefits out of it.


  1. Pre-licensing Training

This is the training a home inspector gets before getting licensed for the work he will do from a certain certification company. This ensures that the skills of a home inspector are tested and polished.

  1. Exam

This includes the evaluation of whatever was taught in the class hence when a home inspector gets the pre-licensing training. The exam is taken to ensure that the training that was given has improved the skills of a home inspector or not.

  1. Certification

This is the step where the purpose of joining a certification school is completed. A home inspector gets his certification for completing the training received to become a certified and professional home inspector.

  1. Business Training

Not just this, a good certification institute also helps the home inspectors to develop a good market image for themselves or their brand. This way, after getting the right business training they can bring the best in the market.

  1. Marketing Services

Good services are of no use when people do not know about them. Marketing your good services in the market so that people can know about the good work you are doing and this will help in growing your business.

A home inspector who wants to grow in the local market will choose any of these to get a certification, receive the right training, and help you to get rid of any problems present inside your house. Thanks to these institutes Certified Inspectors in South Western Illinois can serve the area with their expertise without the people worrying about the risks involved with hiring the amateurs.

Now let’s move onto the real job of the home inspectors which is to inspect the houses.

Once the home inspectors have all the necessary credentials, then they should pitch the homeowners to conduct the home inspections for them.

To make it easy for the homeowners, we can list down the most important things needed to evaluate the credibility of the home inspectors.

  1. 1. Certificates
  2. Experience
  3. Paid jobs
  4. Good reviews
  5. Attitude


Certificates hold so much importance because it ensures that the home inspectors are legit and have gone through a proper process to get trained to perform a home inspection.


As far as the experience is concerned, just getting the qualification and certification is not enough if the home inspector has not done an actual job of a home inspection and dealt with the actual issues that may be present inside the house.

Paid Jobs: 

Another very important aspect is that unpaid jobs are done just as trials. They hold importance, yes, but as you have one house and a home inspection is not something that you get done often hence it is very important to hire someone who has done actual jobs and not just a few, but a good number of them.

Good reviews:

If you are successful in finding an experienced home inspector, he is certified, experienced, and has completed a good number of jobs, there is one thing that is still left which are the good reviews regarding the services that they have provided and the number of inspections that they have completed.

Sometimes, home inspectors get jobs due to good marketing or the reputation of the company but their work can be judged by the reviews that they get according to the services they have provided. Always ask about this from your home inspector before getting the inspection started.


The last thing but not the least is the attitude of the inspector which should be cooperative and friendly to help the homeowner understand the condition of the house better.

Should the homeowner be present at the time of home inspection?

After checking all these ticks, we can move forward to the actual inspection.

When the home inspectors start the preliminary inspection of your house, it is very important to be present at the site of inspection. This way you can notice all their steps and inform them better regarding the situation of your house. Not only this, following all the steps they are performing will make you more familiar with the current situation of your home and they will guide you about the future symptoms of any prevailing problems.

What to notice during the inspection?

When you have selected a home inspector for your house and he has started his work, this is the time to see if he is working on every detail and writing it down. When he is done, a report will be prepared which should be easy to understand for you. This will help you in knowing all the details regarding the inspection and what was found out in it.

Not only this, it will be a written proof regarding the services that were given to you, what were the results and how they will help you in the future as well if any problem occurs again!