How To Fix iPhone Touch Screen: Complete Repair Guide

The stores across the world have been shut down, so we think that we’re able to deliver’s our gadgets and knowledge at home. but at that time we gave some knowledge to you that how … Read More

The stores across the world have been shut down, so we think that we’re able to deliver’s our gadgets and knowledge at home. but at that time we gave some knowledge to you that how we fix our iPhone 6 screen because that is a much bigger topic due to the usage of our iPhone is much high than the previous time. pervious time, we cannot be much attached to these technologies. but at that time, we have highly attached to these iPhones, laptops, and computers, etc.

So, at that time our much usage of our phone, after some time we release that our iPhones screen is not working properly, at the iPhone screen is be replaced so we suggest that and we also are showing you some tips and tricks, how to easily care and fix your iPhone touch screen. so, let’s go we start our conversation.

Basic Fix

The touch screen is always be stopped working due to some reasons. but when suddenly your iPhone touch screen does not stop working so we frustrate on anyone. but when you follow our guidelines, you can fix your iPhone touch screen.

Basic Fix Your Issue For Your iPhone 6 Screen That’s Not Working

  1. Clean our iPhone 6 screen with a soft cloth.
  2. Restart our device
  3. Remove your case or the screen protector from the phone.
  4. Make sure when you checking your phone your hands are dry and properly clean and you can’t be wearing gloves.
  5. Restart the device

Reset an iPhone ~ firstly due to some inner issue sometimes the phone is not working properly so firstly we do that on/off our iPhone.

Clean The Touch Screen And The Screen Protector

  1. When we think our screen is not working properly but the true thing is our screen protectors are not in use, due to building dirt and the grimes on the screen protector.
  2. Clean your hands and remove the screen protector from our iPhone.
  3. After removing the protector from the iPhone, and clean properly the iPhone’s screen.

Intermediate Fixes For The Touch Screen

  1. Dry the device when they got wet.
  2. Rub the device if your device was stopped remove memory cards and the sim cards disconnect the USB devices.
  3. Proper dry your smartphone because when sometimes our iPhones stop working due to our carelessness, sometimes we touch our iPhone with wet hands. so we got some attention to touch our phone.
  4. Please gently touch the corner screen of the iPhone.
  5. Remove all the peripheral devices like memory card, sim cards, etc,

Advance Fix For An iPhone Touch Screen

  1. Put your safe mode always on
  2. Use the devices and tools for sensitive settings.
  3. Updates your iPhone drivers.

There is a lot of reason to stop working on our iPhone 6 screen. sometimes the access uses of the phones and the access using of our phones memories that are also a major reason to stop working of the iPhones. because the user uses the phone much than the normal user. so there is the major reason to screen is stop working.

You always update your iPhones because there are some issues that arise day by day in all phones but the phone’s software always handles that risk and the issues, so keep your iPhone always be updated.

Erase all the unwanted data from your iPhones. because after some time the unwanted files and some viruses attack on over some part of our phones. Sometimes that unwanted files are attacked on our screen so that the screen could not working properly. that’s are also be a major reason to stop the screen working.

Bonus Tips For The Fix The iPhone Screen Issue

When you accepting this method, you always fix your screen disability because when we accept many passcodes attempts so the software of the iPhone is in the alert. so they are responding very actively to our queries so we take that step and the software also fix their screen disability.


It’s very necessary to keep in mind all these steps. I must hope finally you analyze all the tips and tricks on how to fix your iPhone 6 screen issues. so please when your iPhone screen not working properly so you blindly follow these steps to overcome that problem, and if you looking for the most affordable and good quality gadgets so you always go with the Esource parts. Again thanks for reading this article.

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