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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1625[A Brief Guide]


QuickBooks Error 1625 is a common error seen during the setting up of the program. This error is also notorious for showing up while you are running Windows Installer or any Microsoft associated program. The error can become more frequent while doing updates. Hence, this error can be seen in a variety of situations, making it almost unavoidable. The blog will go through the solutions and causes associated with this error.

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Reasons For Error Message 1625 In QuickBooks

There are a host of reasons responsible for this error. It’s important to know the reasons for the error. You should be aware of what you are dealing with rather than aimlessly looking for a solution. Some of the reasons are stated below:

  1. Files related to Windows Installer got deleted.
  2. Windows Installer framework got damaged or corrupt. Also, not logging in as an administrator can also lead to this error.
  3. Windows Registry is corrupt because of changes in windows installer programming.
  4. Any malware infection damage.

Now that you are sound of the reasons, it’s easy for you to understand the solutions. Solutions are discussed in the very next section.

Solutions For QuickBooks Desktop Error 1625

There are multiple solutions possible for this error. These solutions aim to fix the causes mentioned above. Hence, find the cause of your QuickBooks Desktop Error 1625 and then look for a solution from down below:

Solution 1: Change Your Windows Settings

It’s best to change to the settings that work in favor of QuickBooks and does not lead to any errors. Steps can be different for versions of Windows. Follow the below-mentioned steps if you use Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10.

  1. Open the Run window.
  2. Type gpedit.msc. Click on the OK tab.
  3. Move To The Local Computer Policy window.
  4. Click on Computer Configuration.
  5. Navigate to Administrative Templates.
  6. Go to Move To The Windows Components. Click on Windows Installer.
  7. Now, double-click on Prohibit Non-Administrators.
  8. Move to the Disabled option and click on the OK tab.

If these steps aren’t the solution, you were looking for, it’s best to move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Change UAC Settings

This is another method you can attempt. Changing or configuring these UAC settings can be of great benefit. Follow the measures given below:

  1. Move to the Start menu.
  2. Type MSCONFIG in the search bar. Hit on Enter key.
  3. Click on Continue if the UAC window prompts.
  4. Go to the Tools and highlight the Change UAC Setting. Click on Launch.
  5. Choose Never Notify.
  6. Restart the system, if required or if you feel the need.


This blog uncovers the solutions and causes associated with QuickBooks Error 1625. It’s best to implement the methods as per the cause of your error. Follow all the steps carefully. You can run regedit, change software restriction policy, and check any obsolete gadget drivers.
If you have a problem resolving this error, contact the QuickBooks Professional Team at 844-932-1139.