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How To Gain Followers, Increase Reach And Engagement in 2021


Are you wondering about increasing engagement on Instagram in 2021? And want to generate more profit for your business by increasing the number of followers. It can only happen when you have more Instagram engagement. Businesses simply make engagement by examining their performance metrics and Instagram stories, views, shares, saves, and even their direct messages to understand and know about their work and performance.

It is not much complex as we may think. In this article, we will discuss some key points of increasing your followers and engagements. Make Money “$200” in an Hour with these 2 Genuine Ways.

Choose Best Time for Posting

Posting content matters to engage with your followers or visitors. If you don’t keep posting from time to time, then you will lose your engagement with people.  Choose a suitable time for posting and keep it regularly. Determine the time when most users are active at that time, and post content. It will make more engagement with your audience in a short time, and it will be a quick win for you.

Instagram Algorithm loves posts that gain much engagement in a short time, and they try to move that post to the top of followers feeds. To avail of these opportunities, you must spend some time determining and monitoring the right time to post your content. And also learn, what is the best to post your content for your followers?  You can simply track the best posting time by posting at different times and examining their results.

Use Instagram Stories Sticker

You will be surprised to know that over 500 million Instagram accounts used to post their stories daily, and the number of users’ accounts is also increasing day by day. By using Instagram Stories Stickers, you can encourage your follower to ask you want they want, and they can chat with you, give their opinions and these things will provide several benefits to your account? It will help to gain a number of loyal and organic followers, and they will engage with your brand every time.

Here are few ways which you can follow to gain much engagement using story stickers.

Question Sticker

Try to put a question sticker in your story to engage with your followers by allowing them to ask a question. They will feel free to ask anything about your brand or business. As a result, you will get their engagement to your business. It is an excellent opportunity for them, and they will know much about your business or brand’s products.

Use Quiz Sticker

By using quiz stickers, you can put multiple-choice quizzes with your followers and ask questions about your products or anything to make more engagements. When your followers vote on your quiz, they will also get the results at that time, whether it is right or wrong. And you can see how much people have voted on your story.

Countdown Sticker

Countdown sticker is also very efficient to make a connection between brand and their followers. Whenever you share a story, you will be able to add a countdown sticker to your story that counts down to the date and time of your event.

Share Content that Audience Love

Share content that is the demand of the audience, and they love to see. For example, if people are interested in nature and follow nature pages to see what they love.  Some people like bikes, and they follow bike pages or accounts to see new bikes and old look at bikes. They show interest in it, and they love their stuff. Same as it if people following your brand, it means they are showing interest in your products. So if you want to make more engagement with your follower, keep posting your content from time to time, and your follower will stay connected with you.

Write Long Caption to your Posts

Instagram allow their user to write caption up to 2200 character long.  It’s a lot of space to share your ideas and thoughts with your audience. An Instagram Algorithm notices that how much time you spent on your post.  So if you want to make more engagements with your followers, you have to write extended captions while posting.

Pay attention to your Hashtags.

If you want more engagement with your existing followers and want to make new followers, use the proper hashtag in your posts. Hashtags can help your account to grow up and generate more traffic to your account. Use hashtags that are popular at that time because as long as they are popular at that time, they can generate more traffic. In this way, you can track hashtags performance. And also, check which posts make more traffic.


If you want to keep your business inflow and your followers active, you have to increase your engagement with your followers. Suppose you Get Instagram follower for your businesses and then gain more by your efforts or content. Then you must have to engage them with your account to keep running a business. You can increase engagement with followers just by following the step we have mentioned above for you.