How to get E-Waste Management Authorization or License

Any manufacturer, supplier, consumer, bulk consumer, collection centres, dealers, e-retailer, refurbisher, dismantler, and recycler involved in the manufacture, selling, move, procurement, collection, storage, and processing of e-waste is subject to the E-Waste regulations and need to authorization.

E-Waste Management Authorization

The number of approved e waste processors has increased to 178 from 23 in the last five years, suggesting that e waste recycling is becoming more popular. There are three types of electronic waste management businesses.

  • Collection centers: collect e-waste on behalf of recyclers, consumer device manufacturers, and dismantlers.
  • Dismantlers: They dismantle waste and reduce its size by shredding or granulating it.
  • Recyclers: recover metal from waste, but only iron, copper, and other non-precious metals; most recyclers do not recover precious metals.
  • Dealer: The producer has assigned the dealer the task of collecting on behalf of the producer, also this is the responsibility of the dealer that’s no cause of the environment during storage and in dealing.

What steps do I need to take to start an e-waste recycling plant?

Follow these measures to start an e-waste recycling plant:

  1. Once you’ve decided to learn how to start a waste recycling business, the first thing you should do is figure out how to set up your business. Make sure you understand the types of businesses your company can handle. You may operate it as a sole proprietorship, a corporation, or a limited liability company (LLC). You should take action to obtain a business license and permit from e-waste licence in Gujarat or any other state authority  according to your plant setup.. 
  2. If you’re just getting started, you should realize that you should agree to recycling anything that is recyclable.  it is a good idea to start with paper recycling because you might not have all of the required resources at first. You may eventually include other recyclable products, such as computers, plastics, organic, nylon, bottles, food waste, green waste, paper, wood, scrap metal, construction waste, electrical waste, and others as time goes by.
  3. When researching how to start a waste recycling business, be sure to obtain the required certification. Different states have different rules, so make sure you know how to get certified from the state where you want to set up your waste recycling facility. When buying or selling, certificates are needed.
  4. Locate a suitable place for your waste recycling business. You may want to choose a location where people can drop off their recyclables.
  5. Purchase or lease the recycling equipment you’ll need. If you want to start a waste recycling business, you should understand that you won’t be able to recycle materials unless you have the proper equipment. Weighing scales, large bins, trucks, and office equipment are all needed. 
  6. Look around and see if there are any other competitors in the market. If there are, check to see if they use the same recycling methods as you. You would make more money if you offered a wider variety of services.

Documents Required for E-waste Management Authorization

  • Dealers, collection centers, dismantlers, recyclers, treatment, storage, and recycling facilities (TSDFs), and others have copies of the agreement document.
  • Copy of the permissions/licences from the relevant ministry/department for marketing various products or for doing the business as given below: TIN details, PAN details, Incorporation certificate, Copy IEC in case of importers
  • Copy of authorization issued by the SPCBs/PCCs
  • MOA
  • Board Declaration for Authorized Signatory (To know proper documentation you can consult with team corpseed).
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