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How to Get More Organic Traffic to your Website

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Website traffic is one of the most important factors to your website. When you have a website but you don’t gather traffic to your website so you are failing in online business. Make your that your website pages are easy to read. In this scenario, you won to get the attention of your customer. In this blog, we learn what are the basic steps that are necessary to rank high on Google.

Create a Sitemap:

A sitemap is a way that informs Google crawlers which pages exist on this site. Sometimes we are not creating a sitemap of this site. As a result, our web pages are not crawled by Google as well as not ranked.


Create Robot.txt File

Robot.txt file stops Google crawlers which you want to keep hidden. Most of the pages like website terms and conditions, privacy policy, order now page, Why choose us, and sign up sign-in page are not crawled by Google. That’s why most of the website owners are restricted Google from these pages.


Webmaster Tool

Webmaster tool is the way to examine your site. This tool offered by Google and gives us the information from Google. That is the reason, we prefer to use this tool. Google webmaster gives us the information related to the site. For example, these keywords are ranked on your site. Moreover, we easily crawled our web pages with this tool. Furthermore, it also informs us of the information of website visitors. My SEO experts in Dubai always recommended you use this tool. No doubt its features amazing and easy to control.


Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the second step of your site. This is because, if you are not known to your valuable keywords thus you are not able to rank your site. If you have a website of digital marketing service thus go to Google and search your service or product query. You see that Google shows more suggestions that are relevant to your website searches. In addition to it, if you down to the page then you see more searches related to your query which users search on google to reach your website.