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How to get music from SoundCloud creators


Since SoundCloud is not only a platform for licensed music like Tidal and YouTube Music but also a way for young artists to share their own mixes and tracks, you can sometimes Soundcloud Downloader songs that were made available by those creators.

Here’s how you can officially download songs from SoundCloud:

Search for any track that interests you
Look for a Download link next to Like, Share, and Repost buttons below “Write a comment” field
Click Download

If you’re just looking for free songs to download from SoundCloud to try out or create new mixes, you can search the website for “free” and find many artists who state that the track is available free of charge directly in the title. .

One thing to note here is that you can download songs from SoundCloud this way, but not playlists. So if you want to listen to your favorite playlists offline, you have to use another way to get them.