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How to have a complete guide about the embassy attestation services?


Whenever the individuals are planning to visit any kind of foreign country for any of the purposes for example residency, study, business, employment, legalisation and several other kinds of things then authentication of the documents and certification is very much important from the end of the embassy in this particular process is normally followed for those particular countries which are not the part of the Apostille Hague Convention.

The entire guide about the embassy attestation services have been explained as follows:

  • What is Embassy attestation?

The very basic meaning of this particular concept is to get the stamp from the house of the Embassy and it is done by the Embassy of the respective country. This is the very basic legalisation process to verify the genuineness of a particular person or a company and this process has been carried out after the verification from the Ministry of external affairs. Every document that has been received by the embassy will be stamped by the Ministry of external affairs which was previously verified by the state government of that particular department.

  • Why is this required?

The very basic purpose of indulging in the authentication of the necessary documents with the stamp from the embassy is to prove the credibility of the documents to different authorities which will make them very much admissible into different countries. The basic importance highlighting point over here is that a particular company or individual will be legitimate and will be having good intentions behind obtaining the employment visa, student visa or expanding the operations into that particular nation. This procedure has to be carried out by the recognised people only.

  • What is the process of embassy attestation services?

The experts in this particular industry always help in providing the people with different kinds of services and the entire general process has been explained as:

  • At the regional level: This is the initial stage of the certificate authentication procedure and the level of legalisation done at this particular step will be starting from the places where the documents have been issued. For example University in the cases of degree or several other kinds of areas.
  • At the state level: The legalisation of the certificates from the state will be performed under three different organisations depending upon the type of document. These departments will be the state home department, human resource department and the sub-divisional magistrate which will be independent of the state government and verification are done by the authorities in this particular system will always be undertaken at the state level.
  • Ministry of external affairs: This is the last stage of authentication from the home government when the step will be applied to the document and after this, the document will move to the embassy.
  • Embassy attestation: This has been carried out by the officials of any kind of concerned country when the documents have been certified four and this is the final step for the verification of most of the nations after the Ministry of external affairs.

Hence, being clear about the entire process and guide associated with the embassy certificate attestation services is vital for the people so that they can enjoy a hassle-free stay in foreign nations.

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