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How To Identify Reliable Cricket News Website

How To Identify Reliable Cricket News Website
How To Identify Reliable Cricket News Website

Cricket is not like any other sport in India; it’s more like a religion with almost every Indian as its follower. No matter where you are in the country, there is a good reason that today’s cricket news headlines is always a popular segment in newspapers. 

You’ll notice empty streets during India’s match or IPL as most of us will already be tuned on to our TVs. If ever surveyed, the results might read that almost 90% of Indians are ardent cricket fans. Each match, each player’s victory, each interview plays an important role. 

However, due to busy schedules, some of us often miss out on a few cricket matches. And some also prefer short updates over live matches. At such times, the traffic on cricket-related websites increases multiple times because fans want to know the latest cricket updates. Read on to find out about great websites that’ll come in handy during cricket matches.

How to Find A Reliable Cricket Website For Reading Cricket News

There are plenty of websites available for getting today’s cricket news headlines, but not all of them are informative. Below are some things to watch out for when looking for a website to check the latest cricket news:

  • Well-Organised Tabs: Fans usually don’t have a lot of time and patience when they’re busy with their schedule to browse a complicated website. Hence, websites with clearly defined tabs for all the live scores, match schedules, archives, today’s cricket news headlines, information on series and teams, points table, rankings, statistics, etc., are much more preferred. The leading websites such as Cricbuzz, SportsCafe, Cricket World, Cricwaves, etc., have all these features.

  • Accurate Updates: All the advanced features will go in vain if the latest updates provided on the website aren’t accurate. It’s often noticed that different websites feature different information on the same news. This can be not very clear to cricket enthusiasts. So, it’s crucial to verify the accuracy of the cricket news. Cricbuzz, SportsCafe, and a few other websites are popular among fans for the accuracy of information.

  • Quick Updates: If you are missing out on the chance to enjoy the match in front of your TV, you’d want to keep track of every little accurate update at the quickest time possible. So, look for websites that give the latest cricket news within minutes. 

Top Reliable Cricket News Websites to Keep You Updated

Now that you know the must-have things to watch out for when looking for a reliable cricket news website, let’s take a look at three leading websites that provide cricket fans with accurate cricket analysis:

  1. SportsCafe

If you’re looking for a website that will give you accurate today’s cricket news and headlines at the earliest, SportsCafe is the one for you. Launched in 2015, this website provides great visual tools and interface to its audience. They have real-time tracking of scores, commentary on various matches or fixtures, and more. One more thing that makes this website stand out from others is the fact that they don’t keep their news limited to cricket only. You’ll also find the latest sports news updates on your other favourite sports such as football, tennis, hockey, wrestling, badminton, etc. So, this website will be useful to you throughout the year. 

Also, SportsCafe is one of the handful bots of Facebook in the world that provides live cricket news and match scores. SportsCafe provides a user-friendly platform to customise their sports news feed. You can simply type in the news that you want to see about their favourite sportsmen. You’ll also get a quick summary of the article on Facebook messenger through the bot. 

  1. Cricbuzz

This is one of the leading websites for today’s cricket news and headlines. It’s easy to use and has all easy-to-locate tabs in the website and more advanced features. It is listed among the most visited cricket websites in the world. It has a simple and traditional interface which makes it easy for fans to browse the website. In 2016, Cricbuzz announced that they are starting a collaboration with Harsha Bhogle. A year after that, they crossed 100 million views across the platform.

  1. Cricket365

This website is popular among fans for many reasons. Apart from having the features of live coverage, event-wise special coverage, this website also showcases a collection of articles and blogs written by top writers like Dave Tickner, Dan Liebke, Will Ford, and others. Plus, this website features a ‘Competition’ tab, which will direct you to the day’s contests that you can take part in to win various gifts. The rest of the portal covers a wide range of cricket-centric topics from around the world.


Cricket is more than just a sport. Cricket reunites us Indians as if it is a festival. This game is enjoyed by more than 2.5 billion fans around the globe, making it the second most popular sport in the world. Therefore, as a cricket enthusiast, you deserve to get today’s cricket news headlines from the best sources.