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How to Increase User Engagement and Retention for Your App?


Why do the businesses fail to retain users? Why do users with some apps feel spammed which leads them to uninstall them? User engagement is coming out as the biggest factor why businesses are trying their all in to make the app that entices customers and makes them stick to it for a longer period. With so many apps available in the market, the users have somehow consolidated their choice of what to keep in their smartphone and what to uninstall. 

Gone are the days when companies used to debate on iOS or Android app development, the new-age businesses were focusing on gaining conversions with the app. If we look at the rising popularity of apps, we can conclude our decision that making a social media app will be weighing all pros but had this been the case, why one social media (for eg – Instagram) is far more popular than another one (for eg – Dailybooth)? So there’s no tried and true method developers can rely on that can guarantee a succession. 


Now the question arises what could be done then?  Why does this happen? Why is one app liked over another? We will try to tackle all the answers to this common question which has different aspects to deal with. Let’s get ahead with the blog.

What Do You Mean by Engagement and Retention?


User acquisition can be touted as one of the significant factors in determining mobile app success. The majority of the brands think that acquiring users is the only element that matters because there is nothing subsidiary endeavour that needs to be cracked. Little do they know is the actual accomplishment lies in retaining and engaging customers with your app for eternity. Before we step ahead to understand several terminologies, let’s comprehend the terms engagement and retention with reference to the application.


  • Engagement – A user engagement in an app is simply the metrics that measure the user’s interaction with a particular application. This includes how many times a user opens the app, duration of usage, action the users take within an app, etc.


  • Retention – As the term is self-explanatory, in-app usage, the retention rate means how many users continue to use the app followed by a given period of time. This stat helps enterprises to understand user behaviour and find ways to engage users.

Significant Factors to Consider While Driving User Engagement and Retention


Suppose you hire a mobile app development company to build a unique social media app that gives strangers to create rooms and get acquainted with each other but soon you find out that your app is not getting enough engagements. What would you do?


Developing an app is one of the most challenging tasks. All the budding entrepreneurs or a successfully leading organization wants to spend in an app that goes well with users and stands out in the crowded marketplace. But in the end, driving better engagement for your app is what matters at all. However, accomplishing a desirable app engagement and user retention is no easy feat to pull off. So what are the things that can help users to stick with your app more than any other? Let’s pore over some factors that are significantly responsible for user engagement and retention.


  • Easy onboarding – The simple things are the most adorable ones. User onboarding experience says a lot about your app succession. In fact, great user onboarding can guarantee long-term success to your app. Try putting yourself in the customer’s shoes and understand how would you feel if you download an app and you will be welcomed by a personalized message with an interactive product tour and how to use the features of the app. Convenient right. That’s exactly what you have to provide to your users.


  • Check with app performance – The performance of an app is what matters to the users most. More than 60% of users uninstall apps if they experience crashing, freezing, or any kind of error. Hence, it becomes very important to check various parameters of the app before launching to measure the viable performance of an app. The provisions such as measuring an application’s load handling capabilities and any other issues are crucial which could easily be avoided via testing.


  • Push notification – When it comes to giving users an experience with an engagement, the most considerable thing is – push notification. The right analysis of notification can be helpful in user retention tactics. Business enthusiasts believe that apps that are quiet for long periods have a higher chance of getting forgotten about. However, to gain user engagement, it is not recommended to spam users with notifications but to customize it according to the user’s needs and behaviour.
  • Deep linking – User engagement and retention, for many, is a defining metric for a victorious app. Deep linking is one of the strategies that provide an added advantage to businesses in gaining memorable user engagement. With the help of app publishers, the enterprise can build creative app install campaigns and direct users to the specific content of the app. This method incentivizes users to engage more with the app which eventually leads to better retention.

Final Words

If you think that your app is not gaining traction as it should be, there is definitely something wrong with your strategy for which you need to dive deeper and understand the user behaviour. In order to drive more engagement for your app, you need to know what customers want and why they are not showing any interest in your app. Once you understand the core reason, it would become easy for you to take appropriate action.

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