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How to Light Your Home to Match Your Aesthetic


How good your home looks not only reflects directly on you as a homeowner, but also sets the tone for the atmosphere you must live in. The lighting within and around your home can be a very powerful tool, not only in determining the character of the living space, but also in terms of functionality. It can have an impact on your mood, while also determining how you move around in that space and perform your tasks.

Through lighting, one can make their home look bigger or smaller. You can use it to cast harsh shadows, or create a soft ambient glow where it best fits. This is what makes lighting one of the most versatile mediums of home décor, and makes it absolutely essential for a well-functioning home. The best part is, you always have the option of smart lights, which can be controlled through the Google Home smart assistant speaker. These lights further expand the options available to you.

The following are a few ways for homeowners to light their home according to their own aesthetic.

Plan things out

Every part of your home has a different aesthetic requirement. The living room and kitchen will not have the same look, just as your bedroom and office will be decorated differently. It is important to understand these requirements and deal with each room accordingly – this is key in making your home look the best it can.

From the décor to the sources of natural light already present in the room, everything must be considered before you can set out to light any part of your home. This will tell you what kind of lights are required, and whether or not you can afford that type of lighting. This can also help you decide alternatives beforehand, so you can be prepared for all scenarios.

Use smart lights

Lighting is generally the most versatile medium when it comes to home décor, and smart lights allow you to take that to the next level. With smart lighting, you have endless options and features to select from in order to achieve the perfect look for your home. From over 16 million colors to different shapes and sizes, you can go for either bright white task lighting or a soft, warm ambient theme.

In order for a home to be lit well, you may require multiple lights that will be functioning constantly. This can become a problem for homeowners not wanting to pay huge electrical bills at the end of each month. Smart lights can help with this as well. They consume much less electricity than old incandescent bulbs, which not only makes them more reliable, but also means that you will not have to replace them as frequently.

Choose the right color palette

One thing which lighting is heavily affected by is the color palette of your home. In order for the lighting to do its job well, you need to choose the perfect colors to go with it. If your home isn’t properly lit and you pick a dark, dull color palette, most of the already dim light will be absorbed, leaving your home with a dark, dungeon-like vibe. Using neutral tones for both the walls and furniture in your home is always a safe option, since these colors are meant to enhance any kind of lighting.

If you feel that there are certain parts of the home whose color you cannot control or change, try an approach that will temporarily cover them up; for example, adding carpeting to a floor which does not match the feel of the room, or putting up paintings on the wall which distract from its original color.

Go for a minimalistic look

More isn’t always better. Sometimes, what your home needs is just the right amount of furniture and décor. Anything more or less can end up negatively impacting your aesthetic, and will certainly affect any other tools you use to improve your home’s look. This includes lighting as well.

It can become much easier to light a home beautifully when there aren’t too many factors to consider. When there is a lot of décor, too much furniture and overcrowded walls, you have to keep more things in mind and be very specific when lighting each part of the room. Your job will become much easier if you opt for a minimalistic look for your home.

Do not go overboard

Everything is better in moderation, including lights. Just enough lighting to make your home perfectly functional while also adding to its beauty should be your goal. Going overboard means adding excessive lights even when they aren’t required, resulting in a weird combination of ideas that may end up having the opposite impact on your home. Try to keep things simple, yet creative; not only will this add to your home’s beauty, it may also save a money that can be better utilized elsewhere in your home.


Your living space is meant to be somewhere you feel most comfortable. It must be surrounded by the colors, décor and furniture that most resonates with who you are, so you can always feel at home. Lighting can play a big role in this process. Every homeowner has a different preference on how their home should look; some prefer brighter, cool-toned lights, while others may want warm-toned soft lighting all around their home. The previously mentioned tips will help you achieve that look.