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How to Maintain Your Car Tyres?


Have you ever pondered over the fact what keeps your vehicle in proper condition all the time? You’d probably say adequate maintenance is the key to all this. You’re right to quite a large extent, but you’d be surprised to know that tyres play an equal part as well. They play a significant role in providing your vehicle with the required road contact, so you may drive smoothly. 

If not for quality tyres, your car would never be able to run smoothly on the roads. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to take care of your car tyres Coventry more than anything else. But many people are quite ignorant of the ways to maintain their tyres. So, that’s what exactly we’re going to discuss in this blog. We’ll talk about the ways to keep your tyres fit as a fiddle. Read on.

How can you keep your tyres fit?      

Always maintain proper inflation pressure in your tyres –   

Adequate inflation pressure is important if you want to achieve high levels of fuel efficiency from your vehicle. You must check the tyre pressure at least once a month. The correct pressure can be found in the owner’s manual.

Underinflated tyres can be dangerous –

As a responsible motorist, you must be well aware of the perils of the underinflated tyres. Such tyres can cause a blowout, and rendering your car to be irreparable. They can reduce the load-bearing capacity and can even cause the sidewalls to flex.     

Over inflation is equally dangerous  

Over inflation may lead the tyres to become stiff, thus leading your vehicle to vibrate and also affect your driving experience.      

Always be equipped with a tyre gauge

Although you can get the pressure checked in your tyres at a gas station, you must have a tyre gauge of your own, as the machine at the gas station might not be working well.  

Get your tyres inspected for long trips –  

If you want a safe drive for your family, you must get the tyres inspected for the tyre pressure or any kinds of cuts and bulges. This will make your ride super comfortable. 

Excessive spinning should be avoided –     

In case your vehicle gets stuck in snow, ice, sand or mud. In that condition, you must not spin your car tyres Coventry continuously as that may generate heat and can cause some permanent damage to your tyres. To handle such a situation, move your car gently forward and backwards in a rocking motion.

Keep an eye on the tread depth of your tyres –    

Dispose of your tyres if they reach a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. Failing to comply with this, might lead to skidding of the vehicle on wet roads which may even cause accidents. Bald or worn-out tyres are quite puncture-prone too.

Get your tyres examined once a month –    

Tyres need to be examined not just before long trips, but otherwise4x4 tyres Coventry also. Get them inspected for any kind of cracks, bulges, impacts, knots, penetrations or loss of air. Get the problem fixed if it can be done so.

Tyres of different sizes shouldn’t be mixed –     

This will let you handle your vehicle better than before. All the four tyres should be of the same size as told by the manufacturer.

Always fit branded tyres –   

Premium quality branded tyres are a must. These 4×4 Tyres Coventry may seem to be high-priced in the beginning, but the high cost of these tyres is nothing in front of the safety that they provide you. 

All tyres must be replaced together –    

Although tyres should be changed in pairs, in case of winter or all-season tyres, all four tyres should be changed together for the best of performance.

As an owner of an automobile, it’s all in your hands to surge the longevity of your tyres. So, be an aware and smart driver and contribute towards your own betterment.