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How to make an eCommerce App for your business?


The recent eCommerce boom has encouraged online sellers to get a custom eCommerce app designed. But the problem is, do you know how to build an eCommerce app?

This write-up will explain how you can build your own eCommerce application and will share insights from the world of app development.

We have prepared a 10-step long process to build an eCommerce application.

  1. The App Idea
  2. List Most Important Features
  3. Start eCommerce App UI Design
  4. Add App Templates
  5. Write Back End Code
  6. Write Front End Code
  7. Get Initial User Feedback
  8. SEO Optimizing your Application
  9. Promote your Application
  10. Publish on App Stores and Google Play Store


The App Idea

The initial step of fostering an eCommerce application isn’t coding, yet settling on a thought. Coding for the improvement of an application is a costly angle as employing designer’s costs a truckload of cash.

The hourly paces of recruiting designers can reach up to many investments. Along these lines, it is ideal to note down your application thought in advance, then, at that point, perform exploration and gain potential client input before the beginning of the application coding process. Figure out your brilliant thought for an eCommerce application.

Utilize a Business Model Canvas (BMC); it is an approach to fostering a significant level of thought. The BMC format incorporates the absolute most significant business perspectives, for example, income, incentives, and client sections. An underlying variant of the arrangement can be made very quickly.

It will provide you with a framework of how to make a portable eCommerce application. A very much made business arrangement is the most effective way of continuing before an application coding process begins.

List Most Important Features

The following stage to take for fostering an eCommerce application is to make a list of all the fundamental application highlights.

We have listed the rundown of highlights that will separate you from competitors.

Top features of eCommerce applications;

  • Different payment options
  • Social media integrations
  • Message & Notifications
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Simple and quick checkout
  • Synchronization of assets
  • Cart

Start eCommerce App UI Design

Chipping away at the eCommerce application process is one of the main strides during advancement. Zeroing in on a plan can prompt you to set aside cash as well as time and gain significant plan-related information. The market approval cycle can likewise be sped up by laying weight on the plan.

4 Reasons to design your application carefully include:

  1. The design process can be both fun and challenging
  2. Designing your application is very quick contrasted with code altering
  3. You can select to plan the application yourself
  4. Designers are usually less expensive in contrast to engineers

Add App Templates

Don’t hold yourself using a template for your application; it is fine. However, you need to tweak it in order to give your application a personalized feel.

Application layouts, otherwise called application starters, allude to prepared to-utilize source code. They can be used by designers to accelerate and smooth out processes.

Write Back End Code

Coding the backend of an eCommerce application is a stage that must be performed with accuracy. In case you do not know how to do it, ask a professional mobile app development company to assist you.

It is essential to realize that a large portion of the application advancement process has to do with the backend.

An application’s backend is answerable for completing the main part of business rules, storing and getting information, and making APIs.

Write Front End Code

Don’t be a coding freak, but learn how to do it anyway.

Frontend advancement is additionally perhaps the most imperative part of making an eCommerce application.

Before you can begin frontend improvement, settle on whether the application will be of the Web, Native or Hybrid sort.

Get Initial User Feedback

Get a good understanding of your client and know their pain points.

Introductory criticism is quite possibly the most central point to know how to construct an online business application that works.

Something really basic enough for acquiring input. You can proceed with this to acquire a ton of client criticism and apply it to the advancement cycle.

SEO Optimizing your Application

If you consider doing proper SEO for your applications, it will benefit you in the long run. It will help you showcase your application over your competitor.

Positioning higher additionally prompts individuals to find your application quicker. An improved application with sound SEO or ASO positioning can demonstrate gainfully.

The elements that influence the SEO positioning of portable eCommerce applications are –

Promote your Application

The eCommerce application you have made must be elevated sufficiently to acquire openness.

Here are a few hints for advancement incorporate –

  • Start writing blogs
  • Making application-related video content
  • Utilize social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Respond to queries on Reddit and Quora
  • Make an introduction to your app on Slideshare
  • Making Indeed work posts if needed

Publish on App Stores and Google Play Store

The last step for how to make a mobile app for eCommerce is distributing it across various different application stores. Uploading the application on the Google Play Store is very simpler in contrast to the Apple Store.

Here is a quick glimpse of what you need to do?

Google Play Store

  • get a Developer Account
  • Create a title and description for your application
  • Transfer application interface screen captures
  • Set out the content rating
  • Define the application classification
  • upload the application SDK
  • Set pricing
  • Wait for computerized review
  • Your eCommerce application is ready to be published

Apple Store

  • get a Developer Account
  • Test the application for crashes and bugs
  • upload the application
  • Submit your application for a review
  • Sit tight two days for the audit


Now that you are all geared with the knowledge to build your eCommerce application, start your eCommerce app journey; if you need help, you can always reach out to the best mobile app development company Appsocio, and we’ll be happy to assist you.