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Points To Know More About Bubble Hash

how to make bubble hash from kief

When someone is smoking bubble hash, some bubbles form in the air. That’s where the names derive from. So, this is a type of concentrated marijuana made using ice water. It’s easy to make bubble hash, which you can do by yourself, And you can also learn how to make bubble hash from kief

What is bubble hash?

Hash, also known as Hashish, is a substance made from the secreted gum of the cannabis plant. Bubble hash is a type of hash processed using ice water. Similar to the conventional hash, bubble hash is a substantial concentration of cannabis resin glands. It may have a color range of light blonde to dark brown. It’s one of the safest extractions and excellent quality of cannabis plant. 

Types of Bubble Hash

When visiting a dispensary, you’ll find various bubble hash differentiated with their qualities, material, and the size of trichomes available. 

Trim processed: This bubble hash is of the lowest quality. And the high-quality trim, which has exceptional quality, is quite rare. Most bubble hash appears dark in color and takes time to burn.

Bud processed: Bubble hash acquired from whole buds is of the highest quality. However, you have no assurance that using buds will generate a top-rate bubble hash. 

Micron screen size: It’s one of the substantial determining factors towards the bubble hash quality. If the screen size is large, the contaminants allowed to mix with the bubble hash increase. While the bubble hash sifted using the smaller screen sizes usually results in pure resin glands.

Bubble hash processed using large screen sizes appears darker in color. When you find the lighter colors bubble hash, it’s a result of trichome heads allowed to pass through.

“Full melt” is one type of bubble hash considered to be very high-quality. When an ultra-refined “full melt” is smoked or dabbed, it gives large bubbles leaving some few pieces of stuff behind. To make this high-quality hash, you need the fine mesh to prevent penetration of the plant’s materials, except for some trichome heads.

How to make bubble hash using kief

If you’re wondering how to make bubble hash from kief, you can use one of the easiest methods, such as hand roll. It doesn’t even require any additional material.


And what is kief? It refers to the dry sift made from resin glands containing terpenes and cannabinoids. Producing kief involves the dry sift and bubble hash achieved by either rolling the buds or trimming them in a fine mesh. But to get bubble hash involves using freezing water. And this helps to isolate the trichomes. 

Bubble hash process 

  • Wear gloves and measure a considerable amount of kief into your hands.
  • Press the kief with your hands, adding pressure, rolling it to form a solid substance.
  • Continue doing this for like 10 minutes until the kief change denseness
  • And as you now have a solid ball, that’s how to make bubble hash from kief.

How to use bubble hash?

Some of the various ways you can use bubble hash are in bongs, pipes, vaporizers, or joints. You can also mix it with cannabis or tobacco while carefully checking the correct dosage because of THC. And if you feel smoking is not for you, you can add the bubble hash to edible cannabis. Since bubble hash is pure, it has a more intense effect than cannabis. 

In Conclusion, it’s interesting how bubble hash has been there since the early 80s but has gained popularity only recently. And the reason for this is the modern extraction techniques that have fueled the rise of concentrates. People are even aware of how to make bubble hash from kief and enjoy it.


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