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How to make money on eBay


eBay is an internet shopping website that is most popular for its sales and customer to purchaser deals. It’s likewise very mainstream for online vendors to use as a business channel. eBay’s accessible in a wide range of nations. In any case, you can look for items accessible in your neighbourhood entering the postal district. Then again, you can look for items accessible broadly or universally.

Here are the 5 best tips to make money on eBay arranged by significance: 

  • Utilize great pictures (and a ton of them) 
  • Compose heavenly item portrayals 
  • Time your posting right 
  • Maintain a strategic distance from saving costs 
  • Discover your speciality and own it 

1. Utilize great pictures (and a ton of them) 

Like building up a decent relationship, initial feelings are significant. 

That is the reason you need to ensure your photographs are extraordinary. Photographs will be the absolute first thing individuals take a gander at when they click on your item posting. So ensure they look on par with conceivable. 

When taking photographs of your item, ensure you remember these two things: 


The hits utilize great pictures — not hazy dislike you’re selling from a house from the show Hoarders. 

To do this, photo your item on a level nonpartisan shaded surface and foundation (in a perfect world white so your item will pop). Ensure it’s sufficiently bright so you can really see the item. 

The photographs don’t need to be great, however ought to precisely mirror the nature of the thing. 

Star TIP: You can assemble your own lightbox to inexpensively truly make your photographs look proficient. 


As one peruser put it, her mystery was “Bunches of pictures.” As of composing this, eBay permits you to post 12 photographs for nothing — so posting a ton of photographs probably won’t be an issue for you. 

Nonetheless, in the event that you need to add more, you can use outsider apparatuses to help. 

“Utilize an outside application to oversee postings and to transfer photographs to your own work so you don’t need to address eBay’s costs for extra photographs,” they said. “I use GarageSale myself.” 

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2. Compose catchy product portrayals 

A decent item depiction is an ideal marriage of copywriting and selling. 

Since it’s insufficient to simply portray your item (which you ought to likewise do), you need to sell the peruser on why your item is ideal for your possible client. 

To do that, remember a certain something: Sell benefits, not highlights. 

There’s an old showcasing saying that summarizes this pleasantly: 

“Purchasers don’t need another bed. Purchasers need a decent night’s rest.” 

The bed, springs, box outline — those are largely included. They’re not what the purchaser’s searching for. The purchaser needs comfort. They need a decent night’s rest. 

So ask yourself, “What is my purchaser searching for? What are they battling with? How does my item administration meet those requirements?” 

A couple of different things to remember: 

Fulfilment. Round out every one of the fields in your posting, and ensure your literary depiction gives a LOT of data about the thing. Think like your purchaser: If I’m dropping $200 for an uncommon book on eBay, I need to realize EVERY insight regarding it. I don’t mind how commonplace or even redundant it is, I need each motivation to have confidence that my $200 will be all around spent. 

Inquiry enhancement. Utilize focused catchphrases in your thing title and depiction. The more intently your portrayal coordinates with that search inquiry, the more obvious your items will be. On the off chance that it’s an image name thing, individuals will likely sort in the brand, not simply the name of the actual thing, so make a point to incorporate the brand (e.g., “Earthenware Barn sovereign duvet” versus “sovereign duvet”). 

3. Time your posting right 

There are ordinarily two ways of thinking with regards to your rundown timing: 

Shorter-term. A posting of three or five days gives a need to keep moving. This is the reason you’ll see a ton of organizations with deals “just enduring X days!!!” 

Longer-term. The rationale is basic: The more drawn out your posting is up, the more chances it’ll have for purchasers to offer on it. 

Our idea: Go with the more extended span. All the more explicitly, pick a 10-day posting and advance it for the most perspectives. 

“Utilize the 10-day posting beginning a Thursday,” proposes one peruser. “That gives both of you entire days of eyeballs. Ends of the week commonly have the most elevated traffic.” 

4. Maintain a strategic distance from saving costs 

This equivalent vendor educated us much seriously regarding save evaluation. 

This is a value least a dealer can set on their item. In the event that a sale closes with no offers at that cost or higher, the merchant doesn’t need to sell the item. 

This is what they needed to say on the point: 

“99.999% of the time I never utilize a holding cost. I will likely get as much cash-flow as possible, so I decrease the measure of forthright cash I need to pay. I additionally do this by utilizing a low beginning cost of $0.99. This keeps me serious with everybody. I would prefer to get little for it than have it sit on my retirement and make them cost me cash.” 

5. Discover your speciality and own it 

The review respondent who got the most cash-flow off of eBay ($50k+ in the previous year) gave us a fascinating tip on what to sell: 

“Discover a speciality market, and dive deep. Do you have an interest? Provided that this is true, would you be able to sell supplies for it? In the case of selling side interest supplies, ensure your client has bought all things required for a fruitful undertaking, for example, giving phenomenal client service.” 

Numerous individuals believe that picking a speciality restricts the measure of clients you have — which isn’t the situation. Picking a speciality permits you to zero in your proposals on a particular gathering. 

How about we take wellness mentors for instance. Who improves? 

  • The mentor guarantees everybody that working out will make them better. 
  • The mentor who guarantees 30-something ladies they’ll get a level stomach in a quarter of a year? 

The subsequent one, obviously. That is the paradox of niching down your contribution. The more explicit your speciality, the simpler it is to sell and the more you can charge.


These are some tips which help you in growing more on eBay, if you want more information in detail you can contact the eBay customer service number. Here highly experienced professionals will solve all your queries on eBay. Hope these points help you to grow more.