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How to Match Colour in Lightroom and Photoshop?

Lightroom and Photoshop
How to Match Colour in Lightroom and Photoshop?

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing, digital art, animation and graphic design software. Adobe Photoshop comes with professional tools that facilitate artists’ ideas. Adobe Photoshop’s ability to generate many layers is one of the main advantages of being able to modify the images. New tools and features are continuously added based on feedback on ways to improve Photoshop. Now it is possible to access Online Photoshop free.

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Different Uses of Photoshop

Today, a range of artists and experts in the industry use Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is a photographic, graphical, digital art software, and much more. Below, we have listed several ways in which Photoshop is used for fantastic works.

Photo and Image Editing Uses of Photoshop

To edit your digitised and scanned images, you can use Adobe Photoshop. In retouching, the lightness and colour of a photo can be enhanced in a new style. Retouching also allows you to delete unsightly dots.

The background of the pictures can be removed and changed. You can delete the backdrop with a magic eraser. You can save images in .png format after removing the backdrop. The watermark can also be added and removed in pictures.

You may give outdated photographs a new life by using the Adobe Photoshop picture restore tools. The clone-stamp, color-combining, background removal, brush healing, blurring and several other procedures are available. Photo repair enables you to restore pictures of many situations, such as changing clothing colours in pictures and removal of water points.

Graphic Design Works Using the Adobe Photoshop

You may produce flyers in Adobe Photoshop, books on business design, brochure concepts and numerous branding and marketing materials. You may also design flyers for real estate from concept and even from scratch. But this requires the ability of Artistic Adobe Photoshop to develop and create conventional flyers.

The best applications of Adobe Photoshop are website landing pages, designs of websites and designs for sales funnel. This is mainly used on websites for e-commerce. Contact us forms, social networking symbols and call to action, in which you need to develop a product with logos, all can be developed using the Photoshop software.

To create innovative and beautiful business cards, you can use Adobe Photoshop. You can also edit the designs of your business card. You can substitute new marketing material for the content of business cards.

You may use Adobe Photoshop to build competitions, events, surveys and brochures to entice social media and social media consumers or entrants to participate.

The Match Color Command in Photoshop

The Match Color command matches colours between several photos, several layers or several selections.  You can change the brightness, change the range, and neutralise the paint as well as edit the colours of an image. The command Match Color works in RGB mode only.

The cursor becomes the Eyedropper tool when using the colour match command. When setting a picture, use the Eyedropper Tool to view the values of the colour pixels in the Info panel. This panel offers feedback on colour changes when using the Color match command. 

The Match Color command coincides the colours in one image (source image) and another image (the target image). Match Color is useful to make the colour consistent in many images, or to match different colours in one picture (such as skin tones). The Match Color command can match the colour across several layers on the same picture, besides matching the colour among two pictures.

Two pictures match colour

  • Take the source and the target photographs and select them.
  • The command Match Color matches the overall picture pixels between the photographs if you do not make a selection.
  • Take the image you wish to actively edit and then select Image > Settings > Match Color.
  • Make sure that the layer is active when you select the Match colour command when applying the Match colour command to a certain layer in the destination image.
  • Select Photoshop match colour option


Adobe Photoshop is an application that anyone can use. Students can learn several skills to engage in their creative work. The school teachers should provide Adobe Photoshop training and educate the students about fundamental graphic design skills.

There are various options available on the internet for learning Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Inc. is continuing to innovate and add Adobe Photoshop’s features and functions. In the creation and evolution of Adobe Photoshop, they have done a tremendous job. To access the Online Photoshop free, just search for it on search engines like Google.