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How to open different QuickBooks files without QuickBooks?


In today’s blog, we will tell how to open a QuickBooks account without using the QuickBooks program easily and not just this will also tell how many types of files the QuickBooks use and what are their purpose.

However QuickBooks have different extensions like.QBW, .QBB, .QBM, .QBX, .QBA, .QBW.TLG, .QBA.TLG, .QBY, .IIF, .ND and .DES but here today in this blog we will just tell you about.QBW, .QBB and .QBX Files.

Before we start, let me tell you the difference between the three important QuickBooks company files.

  • QBB File: This is the backup file and it’s a normal backup file of your QuickBooks data all your data with extension .QBB file will be stored here.
  • QBX File: This is the accounts copy file and all your data with extension.QBX file will be stored here.
  • QBW File: This file stores your data, images, letters, logos, and many other things and this are one of the most important file extensions in your QuickBooks.

How to open different QuickBooks files without QuickBooks?

Note: Your QBB file creates a backup with the QBW file.

Here are the steps to open a file without QuickBooks.

  1. First, open QuickBooks desktop.
  2. Then open the company file in your QuickBooks account.
  3. Visit files menu option.
  4. Then open the file.
  5. If you’re not able to find your file and search for a company file having a QBB extension.
  6. Go to the File menu option and select Single-User mode.
  7. Then go back again to the file option.
  8. From there select export.
  9. Now click on the send report to the new excel spreadsheet.
  10. Once it is done click on OK.
  11. Now you will see the QuickBooks company file open in the excel spreadsheet.
  12. On an excel sheet select the file menu.
  13. Click on save us to save the file in Excel format.
  14. Choose a file name and set the location we want to save it.
  15. Click and see and it’s done.

Want to know how to open a QBX File without QuickBooks?

The QBX is your account’s copy and if you want to open it outside QuickBooks then you need to convert it to some other extension i.e. from QBX to QBW file.

Want to know how? Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Open your QBX file.
  2. Right-click there and select open.
  3. Choose the excel option to open your file.
  4. You need to open your excel spreadsheet if this does not work for you.
  5. Select the file menu and click on import.
  6. Then you need to select options from other sources to open your file.
  7. You will get into an import page where you need to select the QBB file.
  8. Now you can simply convert your QuickBook file to excel.
  9. Select the QBB extension File and you will get your file.

Want to know how to open a QBW File without QuickBooks?

Your QBW files are the most important files as a combined money management software to store the letters, images, and financial data for your company.

So if you want to know how to open a QBW File without QuickBooks. Here are the steps you need to follow.

  1. Click on the start menu.
  2. Locate your intuit folder and open it and you will get the start menu.
  3. Now you need to open your QuickBooks.
  4. Once you open the QuickBooks it will ask you to log in, enter your credentials for the same.
  5. You need to select the excel file you want to export.
  6. Now select the customers, Wenders, employees option that comes at the top of the window.
  7. Now click the option customer center.
  8. From the top of the screen, select the excel sheet, and your file with QBW extension gets imported into the excel sheet.
  9. Now go to the export excel option and click on the export after you are done saving the file.
  10. It’s very important to use the latest version of MS Excel as you will only be able to open a QBW file without QuickBooks software.
  11. Once the file is important click on the data tab.
  12. Go to option other resources
  13. From the window option, you are supposed to search for your QBW file outside excel.
  14. Once you are done with your file location, click on the new QBW file and now you will be able to open it without the QuickBooks program.

Now you know the three main important files that You use in your QuickBooks and how you can open these files without QuickBooks.

If you still have any query you can go to the QuickBooks headdesk and you can get solutions to your problem at any time.

Why do we need to convert a QBX file to a QBW file?

QBW and QBA are regular files of QuickBooks that will not be able to access QBX files without converting them and files with extension QBW and QBA can be easily opened if you don’t have the QuickBooks account. Hence it makes it important to convert your QBX file to QBW to open it.

Why did you need to open a QuickBooks file without QuickBooks?

Some of the reasons why you need to open QuickBooks files without QuickBooks are:

  • In case you want to modify your file.
  • Your QuickBooks is corrupted.
  • You could not respond.
  • Need to import your file to modify something on an urgent basis.
  • You got a file in QuickBooks format.

Why do these files open up only on an excel spreadsheet?

As the data is related to finances like sales, purchases, bills, taxes, etc, the data available in these files are in rows and columns format so this is why these open in excel sheets. Therefore to let you open your file in an easy way and to access them and modify them easily, you get them in a tabular form and excel sheet.

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