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How to plan a fashion shoot


To plan a shoot, you must first plan effectively. If you are working with a team, you should meet with them and discuss it. Some subjects you have to cover are the outfits you want to use, the sets, and the mood of the shots. You can use pre-dawn sketches and mood boards to clearly communicate the ideas you want to present.

Fashion props and sets

Sometimes, big fancy sets are unnecessary and too elaborate for fashion photography. You can re-use the same set in various, dynamic ways, even if it is for high fashion editorial photography in Los Angeles. Another option is to create your backdrops for yourself. Creating your backdrop is very easy. You only have to visit your local hardware and art stores. Also, your props do not need to be elaborate, but they should match the mood and theme of your shoot.

Sourcing for outfits and working with stylists

Do you want to make the planning stage easier for you? Then, you should work with the professionals you need, especially a stylist. If you do not have the budget for a stylist or outfits, you can visit upcoming labels and offer to photograph their clothes or work on test shoots with other creatives.

Working with models

Many agencies can connect you with models for your shoot, and it is important that you use models that are enthusiastic about your ideas. Such models will bring out your concept better because they understand it.

Prices for these models depend on the agency you seek to use. If you are working on a budget, then you will want to consider aspiring models that are looking to develop their skills and portfolios. However, the most important thing to consider is a model that can bring your shoot to life. Even top celebrity photographers in Los Angeles started out small. You can invite your friends or contacts to model for you. Also, some agents work independently, so contacting them can help you spend less.


Basically, you need a camera for any photography shoot. There is no best camera, only a comfortable camera. You only need to have a thorough knowledge of lighting and how you want it to affect your work. You can also use any lens: it all depends on proficiency.

Lighting setups

Lighting is, perhaps, the most significant tool to utilize in photography. It determines the mood of the shoot and can make or mar your photo. There is various fashion photography lighting examples that can work for any budget. You should be flexible with your lighting setup while making sure your creativity brings the best out of the shoot.

Planning for a shoot requires serious planning and dedication. You must have also communicated all you want to your team. A good team is synonymous to a beautiful photoshoot even. Also, you must make sure to have all-hour equipment complete before the shoot. A shoot can be tiring and frustrating, but with the right tools, you can reduce the stress.