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How to Plan the Perfect Girls Weekend in Bucaramanga?


A city that is the capital of the Santander Department of Colombia tucked in a beautiful and safe environment with amazing weather is waiting for you all.

If you plan to drop into this city of Bucaramanga, keep a few things in mind, which we will share through our today article.

The city is a part of the Andean region and is surrounded by plenty of adventure sports like paragliding and activities in the Parque Nacional de Chicamocha. In addition, this beautiful city is filled with universities and parks for relaxing and social nature.

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Parque Nacional de Chicamocha

Parque Natcional de Chicamocha is an ideal place for jumping off. This national park is also known as Panache having tons of outdoor activities. Watch out for the park featuring gorgeous green landscapes, the dramatic slopes of the Andes, and the deep canyon. Enjoy having a ride on an incredible aerial cable car which is one of the longest in the world, and capture fabulous views of the canyon. Also, you will find other activities too to enjoy, such as fishing, hiking, climbing, rafting, paragliding, kayaking, camping, and spelunking.

The Local Cuisine

Bucaramanga caters to several places to enjoy delectable dishes in its surrounding Santander Department, renowned unique dishes. You will find one famous dish known as Fritanga, a greasy meal having deep-fried yuca, corn, sausages, potatoes, and steak. Instead, try Cabra or goat meat. This is quite popular here, so don’t miss out on these dishes when you hop into this city.

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Paragliding is one such thrilling activity offered here in the city amidst thermal winds bounding in this region of Colombia. So guys, get ready to relish these enthralling things to do in this no better or cheaper place. You will get an adrenaline rush feeling and a calming sensation as soon as you take off flight while leaping off the side of a mountain. Capture the mesmerizing views along with some lush green hills below. You will love this feeling of flying high like a bird. Get a course of paragliding pilot yourself if you are keen to become a pilot.

Trip to Girón

Giron is tucked 15 minutes away from Bucaramanga and offers a lovely little colonial town that caters for a picturesque place for photographs, relaxing, enjoying small picnics, or taking a nice stroll around the central plaza. This place was founded in 1631 after the first Spanish settlement in the Santander region. You will find much evidence like cobblestone streets and the well-preserved whitewashed buildings and stunning horse carriages. Next, explore the malecón, a waterfront promenade with many small stone bridges, a couple of charming churches, and shady patios.

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Mercado Central

Mercado Central is the central market of Bucaramanga, which is well settled and well-organized. Hop into this market worth visiting to buy and explore shoes, Santandereana handicrafts, and flowers, clothes. You will love the vivacious atmosphere. Watch out for the astonishing avocados present here in half the size of your head and freshly butchered meats. Numerous local vendors are selling their products around the streets. Don’t miss out on the famous food court on the fourth floor to dine out with your family or friends.

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Museo Casa de Bolivar

Casa de Bolívar is another stunning attraction in the city soaked up in the history and colonial architecture. This gorgeous monument was built in the 1700s and is now a great place to visit during your stay in this modern city. This house was once home to the famous Simón Bolívar. 

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So, guys, we recommend visiting this stunning city along with your loved ones and enjoy your holidays.