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How to Prepare For Ofsted Inspection?

preparing for ofsted inspection

Preparing for an Ofsted inspection is a long process, and you need to be prepared from the start. There is so much work that goes into preparing for an inspection, and it does not just involve getting your A-Levels and GED certificates back before your next step. Ofsted is a massive task, and a large amount of hard work has gone into making sure that inspectors have the information they need when they visit your school. You should also be ready to give information that will help them come to the best decision possible.If you are preparing for your Ofsted inspection, browse some websites like drbschoolsandacademiesservices.co.uk and others for more detail.

Word with Inspectors:

The first thing that needs to happen is that of an inspection confirmation meeting with the inspectors. This should occur no more than a month before the end of the school year. The inspection is important because Ofsted wants to ensure that there are no problems in place that would need further review. The inspector is looking to determine if the school is up to the same standards as other schools that they have visited. Ofsted, having met with the head teacher, will then discuss the areas they are most concerned about at your school.

Ofsted Reports:

The next step involves the submission of Ofsted reports and documents to the inspector. The schools need to provide an inventory of all school items that they think may need to be inspected. They must also provide a list of those items that were found to be in poor condition. These items will need to be discussed with the head teacher. If you find that any of the teachers have concerns, then it is likely that they will try to find any problem that they can to have addressed before the inspection commences.

Contact Local Schools:

You should contact the local schools around your area and let them know what you plan to do. Many of the schools around will want to talk with you and ask a few questions. This will help them see how well informed you are and whether they should allow you to visit their schools. If the inspectors are happy that you have been helpful, they will give you a date for the inspection.

Before the date for the inspection, you will need to submit some documents. These documents will be used as proof that you are prepared and will present the same set of standards that the inspectors will use. Some of these documents you will need to send in as quickly as possible. Your child must get ready well in advance so that the inspectors can view everything that needs to be seen. The schools may need you to show them where certain things are located for them to inspect properly.

Prepare for Inspection Question:

During the inspection, you will be asked many Ofsted questions, and it is a good idea for you to prepare answers for these questions. This will help you remain calm and let the inspectors see that you are prepared for this inspection. The inspectors will also want to see how your school’s policies and procedures work. You will need to prove that your school has effective policies that prevent sex offenders from accessing your children.

Security Measures:

The inspectors will also want to know what types of security measures are in place in your school. They will want to see that you have adequate numbers of security guards. If there are not sufficient numbers, then the inspectors will report this to your local district head. Security measures are very important for schools as an inspection is the only way to ensure that your child is safe.

Once you have had the inspection, all the work needed for the inspection will have been completed. You can expect to receive a letter of approval from the Ofsted authorities allowing you to begin teaching. It is a great idea to get started preparing for the inspection two to three years ahead of time so that your child can be ready before the actual inspection. Your child will feel much better if they are prepared for this inspection.