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How To Prevent Root Canaling?


If you ask people who have gone through major dental procedures about which procedure has been the scariest, they will give you a common answer i.e. Root canal. There is no doubt root canaling is one of the most painful and discomforting dental procedures. Even seeing the best endodontist cannot alleviate the intense irritation one goes through during this procedure. Realizing the gravity of the issue, Emergency Dentists in Wigan have established a service to assist the people who need to come from far off places to go through this painful procedure.

 Treating the root canals is an absolute necessity, as there are good chances of bacteria entering your mouth, reaching inside your tooth to the soft tissues underneath that contain numerous blood capillaries, connective tissues, and even nerves. With bacteria entering your tooth it can easily access the soft tissue part and damage the pulp that keeps the tooth alive, causing inflammation inside and allowing cavities to accumulate which eventually cause serious injury to the poor tooth. If left untreated it can even cause abscess formation.

 A root canal is done to save the tooth from further damage and to keep the bacteria from infecting other teeth. During the procedure, the damaged tooth is meticulously cleaned, carefully shaped, and then sealed with a temporary filling. A number of checkups are followed after this procedure to ensure the infection is completely averted. This can feel like an ordeal given our busy schedule, and since the prevention of the disease is always better than treatment of it we have compiled a list of some tips that can prevent you from ever going through this excruciating procedure.

Clean the teeth properly

The most effective way to protect yourself from a root canal is to properly take care of the teeth and sometimes we convince ourselves that we are taking care of our teeth by brushing them twice a day and rinsing out the mouth with mouthwash once in a while, whereas it is a prerequisite to brush teeth after every meal and then rinse the mouth with good quality mouthwash. Food particles are sticky and they usually get stuck to the edges of teeth, therefore it is a prerequisite to additionally floss the teeth. 

Use better tools

We find ourselves spending so much on unnecessary stuff that we start overlooking the things that we must need,  Sonicare toothbrush and Hydrofloss are one of those must-have products that we convince ourselves we don’t require. Medicated toothpaste-like Flouridex also needs to be in our regular use.

Reverse Cavities

There are some great foods like spinach, that instead of sticking in our teeth and crystallizing into the cavity, have the property to reverse the cavity, hence adding them to your meals can prove to be extremely effective. 

Regular dentist visit

Nobody likes seeing a doctor and especially a dentist for a regular or monthly checkup that is why regular checkups are not on many people’s to-do list.  While the fact of the matter is, monthly checkups with a dentist save us from seeing them weekly or even daily when the disease takes over.