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How to promote your Dental Clinic

How to promote your Dental Clinic

The magic word that we must pronounce is; marketing! This is the perfect and indispensable tool to promote your Dental Clinic and take it to the top of the market.

Marketing was born in the United States in the mid-60s, it began as a response to a need present in production companies, to differentiate the merchandise from the different suppliers.

When the companies left, they realized that it was essential to know what made their consumers happy, which is why they began to use Market Studies, a tool that is currently part of Marketing.

This evolved over time, adapting to the needs of each generation, which is why there are currently variants of Marketing.

Dental Marketing is one of these variants; we want to share with you what it means for your Dental Clinic and for the development of your Profession as a Dentist.

In Dental Perfect we are in favor of developing the personal brand of the dentist and his work team. In the end, when a service is offered, it is inevitable that your patients associate its quality with the person in charge of administering it.

For this reason, your reputation as a Dentist is vital, the better they are, it will be taken for granted that the service or product you offer is of excellent quality.

Dental Marketing to sell dental services

These are some strategies that you can implement to promote your dental clinic through marketing:

Market niche

Although we speak of dentistry as a niche, we could go to something much more specific, what are the services offered by your dental clinic and others not? What is your strength? Do the professionals who work in the clinic have specific specializations or postgraduate studies? Because if so, you should value those good clinical practices and the strength of your team members and of course yourself.

Knowing all this, you can promote your services based on the fact that as a dental clinic, you have a specific niche and that you can exploit in such a way that you could become the first in the market to offer certain services in a novel way.

It is about making your clinic visible based on a value proposition based on the excellence of your human resources, equipment – digital dentistry (if you have it), location or a way of understanding dentistry based on science. It is about asking: how are we different?


Promotions can be done using traditional means, either through flyers, coupons, while attending congresses or conferences, even online. Patients love promotions and will always stick with clinics that can convey a service proposal or an expectation of experience that is later satisfied. In Dental Approach we are not in favor of offering better prices as a general rule.

We also believe that the most effective promotions respond to an Inbound Marketing strategy or permission marketing as Seth Godin says and not so much traditional media.

Everything will depend on the marketing strategy you implement, but you can carry out different promotions and do them regularly. If, for example, a patient does not have the possibility to acquire one at the moment, they can hope to do so later. If promotions are recurring, it is possible that sooner or later, patients will decide to hire dental services.

The installations

One of the best ways to promote a dental clinic is to take into account the quality and functionality of the facilities. Nowadays, traditional clinics have evolved and the spaces are not usually the same as before. Some have areas for specific patients, such as children. In addition, the decoration of dental clinics should generate an emotion of professionalism and calm to the patient.

Cutting-edge technology is also important. Offering modern equipment and current techniques will allow a better promotion of the dental clinic.

Online marketing

It consists of using digital resources in combination with traditional marketing, in order to sell products and services to a particular audience that is a regular user of the internet.

Digital Marketing Tools

These are the main ones:

Blog / web

Essential to centralize campaigns. Through this tool you can attract users who would later become potential patients.

The dental blog will allow you to generate content that responds to searches, while the website will allow you to publicize all the services offered by the dental clinic.

Search engine optimization

Search engines allow people who use the internet to find relevant content according to their interests and the searches they enter. The idea of ​​this resource is to reach the first places in order to attract a larger audience through an SEO strategy

Email marketing

It allows you to send messages to users in the form of newsletters, catalogs and much more. The email marketing is a resource that if used well, is very valuable to promote dental clinics.

Social media

The networks remain popular and every day that passes, more people join them. Maintaining the social networks of the dental clinic actively and giving them proper use will be essential for the marketing strategy. The most important social networks in a dental clinic are Facebook and Instagram.