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How To Put Your Song On Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, And More (Without A Record label)


Should you go as an independent artist and sell your music online or use a record label. Record labels release music only if the artist has bug hits, has huge social media followers, and are aware of how the music industry works. Signing with big labels means limited creative control, transfer of copyright, fewer profits, and the worst part is to be trapped in a bad contract. If you are a musician who desires to keep 100% ownership rights and profits can consider going independent.

How to sell music without a record label?

The concern is how to get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, and other streaming outlets or music stores. Fortunately, digital music distribution, social media, streaming platforms, and technology advancement have switched the way artists can release their albums and reach worldwide fans. Even fans gain the chance to listen to their favorite artist’s music inexpensively from streaming platforms.

How do I get my music on spotify?

Here are some of the tips for you to get your music on Spotify.

Choose a distributor

There are myriad distribution companies that send songs or albums to streaming platforms and music stores. You need to pick the right music distributor suitable to your needs and budget.

MusicDigi is highly recommended because of the following reasons –

  • Your song or album gains access to more than 150 streaming services and popular music stores around the globe including major ones like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.
  • You can release as much music as you want for only $39.99 annually.
  • No confusing pricing plan or hidden costs.
  • Members can manage other projects or artists from the same account.
  • Free ISRC & UPC for every release.
  • Playlist pitching for maximizing audience reach and royalties.
  • Track customized sales & trend reports from every release across different countries or states.
  • Spotify windowing is an exclusive feature that allows Spotify subscribers to listen to your music two weeks before the official release date.

Using MUSICDIGI, you can get your music on iTunes easily. Sign in and open an account.

Prepare your files

Before you upload the albums there are a few technical guidelines to consider. You can read them on their official website.

  • Use wav file
  • Artist name
  • Song name
  • Album cover
  • Genuine names of those who contributed to the album.

Upload the music file

Signing up on MUSICDIGI takes a minute and then you create a release.

  • Upload cover art and song files.
  • Even submit release details.
  • Set a store-selling price for your album.
  • Choose the online streaming services or music stores you desire to release the music on.
  • Within one-day, your album is evaluated and uploaded on the desired platform.
  • Start earning royalties from major platforms…..simple!

You can even get your music on TikTok using MUSICDIGI. Just choose the ‘TikTok’ checkbox, while uploading the album on musicdigi.com. Before you upload the entire album, you even get to release a separate single release. As soon as the entire album is released, remove the single or leave it as it is.