How to Remodel Small Bathrooms with Wholesale Bathroom Vanity Sets?

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Does the size of your bathroom bother you? If the answer is yes, then keep reading. Undoubtedly, it is hard to find such bathroom vanities that fit the … Read More

wholesale bathroom vanity sets

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Does the size of your bathroom bother you? If the answer is yes, then keep reading. Undoubtedly, it is hard to find such bathroom vanities that fit the size of your bathroom space. However, wholesale bathroom vanity sets contain the best compact choices for your small bathroom.

Many factors contribute to the space of your bathroom. However, if it is already narrow, you have to choose the bathroom vanities carefully. In addition to it, the lighting and the tiles/floor are also essential. Also, the size and style of the sink and its storage matters too.

Besides, there are plenty of options for wholesale bathroom vanities. By choosing the right vanities, you can remodel your small bathroom. Below is a list of some ideas:

  1. Use pocket doors
  2. Customize the shower space
  3. Use space-saving vanity
  4. Use a big mirror
  5. Install contrasting lights
  6. Use floating shelf vanity
  7. Go for white bathroom tiles
  8. Use one deep storage
  9. Extend the sink surface
  10. Go vertical

Bathroom Vanity Sets

1. Use pocket doors:

You might be thinking that a door is not vanity. However, the size and style of the door affect the bathroom space. Therefore, replace hinges and use a pocket door instead. The reason is that they cover a small area. Also, this will save some space for you to walk into the bathroom. The entrance to a small bathroom should be precise.

2. Customize the shower space:

First of all, clearing a shower space gives a luxurious look to any bathroom. Secondly, the glass doors create an illusion of a spacious bathroom. Therefore, by customizing the shower area, you can make the rest of the space for other vanities. However, with vertical bathrooms, you should not opt for shower spaces.

3. Use space-saving vanity:

For a small bathroom, everything should serve a purpose. In this way, by using fewer decorative vanities, you can save space for other essentials. However, there is nothing wrong with decorations. Still, you must utilize the bathroom space wisely. For instance, a pedestal sink with a round mirror and a towel bar is perfect for a vertical wall.

4. Use a big mirror:

A mirror is another great idea for a small bathroom. Firstly, using a wall-to-wall mirror will create an illusion of a bigger space. Secondly, its reflection in light will brighten up your bathroom space. Therefore, this idea never goes wrong in a limited space. Also, it looks airy and bright with big mirrors.

5. Install contrasting lights:

To maximize the space and function of your small bathroom, use contrasting lights. Likewise, if you use bright lighting in the bathroom, it will look spacious. Additionally, tile the floor and walls with light-colored tiles. In the same way, the tiles and lights will have a contrasting effect on your bathroom space. Some extra lights with sink and mirrors are also the best solution.

6. Use a floating shelf vanity:

In a small bathroom, floating shelf vanity is a life-saving option. However, it does not come with storage options. Still, it looks luxurious and is essential too. You have several choices in wholesale bathroom vanity sets regarding a floating vanity. Besides, a deep floating basin allows space for regular washing. Similarly, a pretty round mirror adds more elegance to it.

7. Go for white bathroom tiles:

Using white bathroom tiles has always been the best choice. Firstly, white tiles look clean and beautiful. Secondly, they are suitable for a narrow and long bathroom space. In this way, a narrow path looks spacious due to white tiles. In addition to it, use white tiles for the bathroom walls. Consequently, the bath space will surprise you.

8. Use one deep storage option:

Unfortunately, a small bathroom does not allow much space for any storage. However, if you want to add some, use one deep cabinet. Similarly, using more cabinets is not an option here. Therefore, use a single deep round vanity with single storage space. The sink stand will allow space for towels and other essentials.

9. Extend the sink surface:

A double sink vanity is not suitable for a small bathroom space. Therefore, instead of using two sinks, use an extended surface. An extended countertop offers more space for your essentials. Also, it gives a modern look to your bathroom. Furthermore, there is more space to hang towels. It is a good choice for a compact space.

10. Go vertical:

Small bathrooms usually have narrow pathways. In that case, you should use the vertical areas for bathroom sink vanities. Also, a vertical wall offers plenty of space for a pedestal or monochrome sink. Use wallpaper or tiles in the background. As a result, the bathroom will look modern and spacious. Besides, a sidewall is best to go vertical.


To summarize, the size of your bathroom should not be an issue. Whether big or small, you can design the space wisely. Firstly, avoid using large vanities. However, you have various options in wholesale bathroom vanity sets. You may choose the right set for your bathroom according to space. Also, lighting, tiles, and sink play an essential part in designing your bathroom space. So, hopefully, these ideas will be helpful.

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