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How to Run an Effective and Efficient SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS Marketing
SMS Marketing

Efficiency in SMS Marketing is all about how you communicate your message to your customers. The message ought to be actionable and have a taste of urgency.

Before we jump into tips on how to best deliver your SMS to your customer, it is important that you do some research on the SMS service provider that can best give you a platform to set up your SMSncampaign easily and with good customer care.

So for you to really make the best out of SMS Marketing, you need to consider this tips when setting up the campaigns;

Make it short and clear

Typically, SMS has 160 characters which you need to use efficiently in passing your message. Some argue that it is short, but it is never short. It is tested and proven to be working with mobile devices. It is important that you start your Text message with the most important information to your customer. Go straight to the point, using simple and plain text.

For better results, do not use emoji, or speech text as it will make your message unprofessional.

Include a call to action

A text message should have a proper call to action for instance, it should include things like;

  • Order now
  • Today only
  • Claim free shipping now
  • Buy now

When you see above texts, it has an urgency thing that make the customer to take action now, otherwise it will be gone. This will help you to have maximize your conversion. SMS is design to spark urgency in customer.

Schedule your text well

When do you want your customer to receive your message? Do you want them to receive when they are taking supper or early in the morning when they are preparing for work?

Different brands have different recommended times to send our SMS to their customers. For instance, a restaurant who send out an offer to people within a given geographical area during lunch hour or dinner time tend to have more conversions.

Having a correct timing doesn’t not only boost your conversion but also make you look profession in your field. Don’t be nagging. Send an SMS once or twice in a week at the right time.

Get your Opt-ins and Opt-outs rights

The most converting SMS campaigns are those that the mobile users have intentionally opted to receive your promotional messages.  It is advisable that you use all your available channels to ask for customers to opt to received your marketing information.

Also, it isrequired by law that in every SMS that you send out, you need to give customers an option to stop or opt-out of your database.

Track your results

Once you have send out your message, have a team that constantly monitor the response from the customers as well as track specific people who convert. This helps you to segment your data so that next time you are sending out again. You have specific offers to specific people who are loyal and support your brand.

While this need a professional data analyst, some Bulk SMS providers offer a better dashboard that you can easily track SMS campaign performance.

In conclusion, SMS Campaign is still effective in today’s marketing only if when done correctly using the most reliable SMS provider.