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How to Select a Credit Card?


More than one billion credit cards and thousands of credit cards are available. Obviously, it is not an easy process to locate the cards that will best benefit you. However, this is essential because if you find that the credit card is appropriate for you, you may put hundreds or thousands of dollars back in your pocket, save money, pay low interest rates and help pay off credit card debt. 

The finest features of the credit card are late payment and debt transfers. When studying the most potential credit card applicants, check the most important qualities and use them for you. 

Choosing a Credit Card 

No check-out charge. Some balance cards charge around 3% to 5% of the amount you transfer from another card. It may cost you $240 for a 6,000 dollars transfer. It may be significant. Sometimes it may still be worth it, but at least at the starting period when you make your transfer, favour cards without such a fee. 

Even when you believe it is worth preparing what you will do, you’ll be able to pay the entire sum every time. 

You will typically have to pay interest if you wish to use the card for borrowing and you won’t pay off the balance every month. You may wish to use a lower interest-rate card in this situation. Don’t forget to ensure that a regular reimbursement is available. 

Points to Remember 

Here are a few things you should check to get the best rewards credit card

Big bonuses registration: Many credit cards offer heavy registration bonuses, which fluctuate in terms of the bonus over time. For example, if you spend a specific amount in your first three months, a card may provide 50,000 “points” and these points may be worth $500 or more when redeemed. This applies in particular to credit cards relating to travel. 

No Cost per Year: The majority of credit cards do not carry an annual fee. Please note, however, that it can be worth a fair premium — for instance if a card charges $99 each year for $300 or more. 

There is no APR Penalty. If card issuers boost your interest rate, typically to 25% or more, when they are late paying a payment, an APR penalty is what happens. When you hold, say, 6,000 dollars in 16% APR debt and your rate suddenly goes up to 30%, your cost of interest annually might increase by 960 dollars to 1,800 dollars. To check if there is a penalty APR and consider skipping the card if there is one, examine the fine print of your card. This feature doesn’t have many cards.

Low rates of interest. The best method to use a credit card is to pay your account completely each month, but if you are likely to sometimes have an equilibrium, you should want to use cards with an interest rate range that is low in relation to others. Find out how much the teaser rate will most likely be once the teaser rate expires if you receive a first 0% APR. 

None interest percentage. If you’re searching for a decent balance transfer card, try to find one that doesn’t charge any interest between 15 months and 21 months. The longer the better, although 15 months might be plenty depending on your condition. 


Credit cards offer many rewards such as a travel offer and shopping discounts. Mashreq bank provides its customers with all beneficial features.